English 10

The Hero's Journey, from the Call to the Return. EnterĀ here.

Lord of the Flies

If you missed anything from our examination of WIlliam Golding's classic novel about the fine line between civilization and savagery, good and evil, humane and inhumane, check here. You'll find all of our assignments as well as some additional materials for fun.

A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Magic flowers, a bizarre "translation," missed connections, and a host of strange events and tremendously entertaining fools populate William Shakespeare's classic about love, dreams, and the nature of human emotions. Check inside for all the info you could ask for.

In-Class Writing Prompts.

Here's the deal. There is a bit of a test at the end of sophomore year that requires you to do some pretty serious on demand writing. We'll be getting ready for it by doing plenty of our own. If you miss any of the in class writing assignments just log on, do the writing, and turn it in.