10th Grade Handouts


Here are the handouts for the 2010-2011 school year.

Here is the Course Overview.

Here is the list of 101 books to read before college and here is the form for adults to fill out.

And here are the guidelines for your outside reading projects.

The Writing Portfolio Guidelines are here.

Here’s how to set up a Turnitin.com account.

Week 26

Here’s the work we did for Chapters 1-3.

And here is Vocabulary #1

Here’s the comprehension questions for Chapters 4-6.

Here’s the second vocabulary list (chapters 7-11)

And here’s the response to chapter 7.

Week 15

Here is the work from Tuesday, modeled after the HSPE reading analysis prompts you’ll be dealing with.

Here is the writing piece from Wednesday dealing with similarities and differences.

Week 14

Here’s the assignment dealing with inferences in chapter 1 from Night.

Week 12

Here’s the peer editing protocol for the first draft of your Lord of the Flies essay.

And here’s the LOTF Film/Novel comparison sheet.

Week 11

Here is the essay prompt for the LOTF unit. The rubric is included.

If you missed the in-class work for chapter 12 dealing with symbolism, you can find it here.

This is the entry slip for our final seminar on the novel.

Week 10

Here’s the work that we did with chapter 8.

Here’s the Pre-Trial work from chapter 9, examining how each of the main characters feel about Simon’s death.

Week 7

Here’s the characterization chart that we put together on the first chapter of Lord of the Flies.

Week 4

Here is the prompt for the in-class essay that we wrote on Wednesday about Perseus and Bellerophon.

Week 3

Here’s the directions for the poster project.

Here’s the Unit Guide for the Hero’s Journey unit.

This is the Bellerophon myth. And this is about Perseus.

Week 2

Here is the Expository Essay Unit Guide and the Peer Editing Form that we’ll be using for our essays.

Week 1

Here is the chart that we used to complete the first pre-writing assignment for our Expository Essay.

Here is the sample of a set of Cornell Notes.