Integrating Citations!

This set of warm-ups is designed to help you start to integrate your citations more fluidly, and elaborate on them more effectively.

Day 1

Instructions: Fill in the first blank with a quote from the song. Fill in the second blank with your opinion.

On this day in music history Michael Jackson began a 4 week run at number one with his album Dangerous. In the title track he sings __________________. This suggests ____________________.


Day 2

On December 15th, 1977, the UK punk group The Sex Pistols were refused entry into the United States before a scheduled television performance. (Notably, Sid Vicious was denied entry for “moral turpitude”). Long noted for his rebellious attitude, lead singer Johnny Rotten once sang “______quote goes here______” while following the queen on riverboat. This suggests _____elaboration (analysis) goes here ______.