Run-On Sentences

This might be the single most irritating grammar and usage error that I have to deal with on a regular basis. Sadly, most run-on sentences can be fixed just by adding a little bit of punctuation. By adding a comma, a semi-colon, a dash, or even the dreaded em dash, one can transform a grammar disaster into a sentence (0r two!) that is sophisticated, interesting, and even powerful.

In short, a sentence should have a subject and a predicate (the part the tells us something about the subject). For a decent primer on the subject, check out this link to the Writing Centre at the University of Ottawa. Sometimes, however, sentences become bogged down by the lack of punctuation, creating a horrible swamp of words and ink. Check out this fantastic resource on comma usage from the CCC Foundation for more than you ever wanted to know about how to properly use a comma. (I really like their idea about how to reduce unnecessary commas).

So, with that in mind, fix the following sentences by adding some punctuation. You can make two sentences. You could make one sentence with a coordinating conjunction. You have many options.

Day 1

In 1996 DJ Shadow released the critically-acclaimed record Endtroducing which would be regarded as the first completely sampled record ever he made the album using only an Akai MPC60 a pair of turn-tables and a Pro Tools set-up borrowed from Dan The Automator.

Akaian akai mpc60.

Day 2

Today in 1967 the Beatles released their 19th record Magical Mystery Tour it topped out at #2 in the UK and remained on the US charts for 12 weeks the record also has the distinction of spreading the rumor that Paul McCartney had died.

TheBeatlesMagicalMysteryTouralbumcover the strangest Beatles record — ever.

Day 3

On December 9th 1964 John Coltrane recorded his seminole album A Love Supreme in New Jersey with fellow musicians McCoy Tyner Elvin Jones and Jimmy Garrison and sold more than 500,000 copies and it is regarded as one of the top 100 jazz records of all time


a love supreme / a love supreme / a love supreme / a love supreme…

Day 4

…is the mini-quiz. See me if you were absent to get a copy of the quiz.