Subject/Object Warm-ups


Day One Warm-up

Please identify the subject and object in each of the following sentences:

Alec likes toast.

Isakson hates people.

Day Two Warm-up

Climb up with me, American love.

From The Heights of Macchu Picchu: VIII, Pablo Neruda

Update: After much discussion with other English nerds, including a writing tutor, it has been suggested that the previous sentence is even trickier than we’d thought. It seems as though the subject of the sentence is an implied “you,” making “me” part of the predicate, since it receives the action of the verb, but that it is not the direct object because the subject does not, as we have discussed, mess directly with the verb. We’ll learn more about these tricky little direct and indirect objects next week.

The word / was born in the blood…

From The Word, Pablo Neruda

Day Three

King Eurystheus command Heracles to seek the Amazons and return with their queen’s belt.

From Labor 9 — The Belt of Hippolyte

He suddenly displayed Medusa’s head for all his enemies to see, transforming two hundred foes into two hundred statues.

From Perseus