Blogging is rad. I promise. It is also an opportunity for you to express your opinion in a way that is uniquely yours while engaging, in very real ways, with the rest of the world. You’re not just writing for some teacher. You’re writing for each other–you’re writing for the world. By publishing online and linking to other online resources you are entering into a world-wide conversation with other bloggers, all of whom are expressing their own opinions about subjects as varied as flowers, concrete, the NBA, and fashion. And how cool is this? You get to take part in the conversation.

Handouts and Instructions

Here are the instructions for the blogs you’re keeping!

And here is the rubric describing how you’ll be evaluated.

Here is the intro to blogging. Well, technically it is below…

Blogging Part 1

In Part One of our presentation you’ll find out what a blog is, what it isn’t, and learn how to set up your own blog.

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Check out Part Two of our blogging unit here. It is a (super) brief overview of copyright law in the United States as it pertains to images that you may use on your blog. It is not exhaustive, by any means, but I think that it is a decent primer on the topic. For waaaaay more information, check out Also, Getty Images has a pretty detailed .pdf that does a good job laying out the law. I understand that they are a for-profit company, but the information appears to be relatively sound.

Here’s the quiz!

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Here are the directions to set up your blog. It is really, really easy. In Part 2 you’ll find:

• Directions for setting up a blog, domain name, and username in WordPress.

• How to make new posts.

• How to insert links into your posts.

• How to modify the appearance of your blog.

Here’s my little presentation on inserting pictures and adding photo credits in WordPress.

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