The Expository Essay

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All of our lives are punctuated by moments that work to shape who we are. We go to college. We move from one country to another. Another family member is born. A parent dies. We get our first car. All of these things, for better or for worse, have the potential to be massively influential in our lives. And it is precisely these moments that we will be taking a closer look at through our first essay.

You can find the Expository Essay Unit outline here. It details what I expect of you, as well as several important due dates. Additionally, you may want to review the guidelines for the Writing Portfolio.

For our first pre-writing activity we’ll be brainstorming some events, that have had large impacts on our lives and starting to outline how they changed us. You can find the pre-writing assignment here.

Also, if you need help thinking of momentous events or how they may have affected you, I put together this little sample, using some moments from my own life.

Picture 5

Note that in my sample (above) I failed to complete the outline when I said that I did not know how being married affected me. This is okay. As we go through the prewriting process we may find that some of our ideas are not quite as good as some of our others for the purposes of this essay.

Lastly, Here’s the PowerPoint created by Mrs. Malowney detailing the Expository Essay we’ll be writing. It includes:

• Rubrics

• Additional Directions

• Thorough explanation of each part of the essay.