The Poster Project

Poster Small

As part of our introduction to the Hero’s Journey we will be creating a poster documenting most of the stages of Campbell’s analysis. The purpose of this assignment is to allow you an opportunity to demonstrate that you totally understand what the Journey is, and what the steps look like.

Here is a (seriously) giant version of the poster that I showed in class, but be sure to check out the 10th Grade Blog category for some information on this project.

Here’s the 2010-2011 mini-poster assignment.

Here’s the 2009-2010 assignment itself, as well as the project rubric.

Also, if you wanted, you could do a video version of the project. Here’s one that a student did recently that uses scenes from various anime films.

Last, here’s an example of a PowerPoint version of the project, saved as a PPTX document.

I lied. Here’s the last example of a project.