Things Fall Apart

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Chinua Achebe’s landmark 1959 novel Things Fall Apart is, among other things, an exploration of the dramatic changes that colonialism and imperialism brought to Africa. We’ll be reading this book through several lenses, with an emphasis on an exploration of how cultures interact with each other and the effects thereof. We will also be examining Okonkwo as an anti-hero, or perhaps as a tragic hero. As he battles with his personal troubles you’ll be asked to think critically about these classic literary tropes and provide a justification for your analysis.

For some seriously heavy hitting analysis of the novel, check out this site from Western Michigan University.


Here is the .PDF explaining the Response Paper for chapters 1-4

Here are the directions for the Dialectical Journal entry for chapters 6-9.

Here are the instructions for the 5 paragraphs that we have been working on as part of our culture map.

Here is an example of how to write those paragraphs.

Here is the example of how to create the illustrations that we used for the web in class. Remember that you need to have a titlea quotean illustrationand an explanation.

Here is the link for the chapter 7 in-class response.

Chapter 14 Response #1

Chapter 14 Response #2

Here’s the questions for chapter 15-17.

Here are the guidelines for the seminar that ended Section Two of the novel.

Each of the following exercises deal with some fairly serious questions about culture, religion, and what is and is not okay. I’m not advocating a particular position, but I do think that it is important to see how these powerful forces were at play and in conflict with each other in the novel.

Here is the Turn+Talk question regarding Chapter 20.

And here are the response/discussion questions for Chapters 21 and 22

Here are the in-class response questions for chapters 23-25, as well as the 1 page response paper prompt for the seminar the novel and Okonkwo’s status as a hero of some sort.

Here are the instructions for the final essay for Things Fall Apart.

Supplemental Materials

Here’s the study guide for the final exam.