To Kill A Mockingbird



In the middle of the Great Depression, in the sleepy town a Maycomb, a terrible injustice occurs. A man is accused of committing a terrible crime because of his race, an entire town believes he is guilty, and only Atticus Finch is willing to stand up for his rights. In the middle of this firestorm of racial tension is Jean-Louise “Scout” Finch, a young tomboy with a flair for adventure. As the trial unfolds we watch as Scout, her bother Jem, and their friend Dill try to deal with a radically changing world and some overwhelming stereotypes.


Here’s the work we did for Chapters 1-3.

And here is Vocabulary #1

Here’s the comprehension questions for chapters 4-6.

Here’s the second vocabulary list (chapters 7-11)

And here’s the response to chapter 7.

Here’s the work for 9-11.

This is the third list of vocabulary terms (for chapters 12 and 13).

Here’s our questions for chapters 12+13

This is our questions for chapters 14+15.

Here’s our stuff from chapters 18-21.

This is the in-class writing assignment for chapters 22-24.

Here’s the questions for chapters 25-27

This is vocabulary #5

Here’s the questions for chapters 28-29

Our last thing for the novel is the TKAM Essay Prompt. You can find it here.

Extra Stuff

If you’re having some trouble with the book, or need some help figuring out what’s going on, check out the video Sparknotes below or make your way over to for more information.