Welcome to our 10th week together, young ones! We’ll be digging into our second unit of the year this week, starting to look closely at both F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby and at some of the poetry and music of the Harlem Renaissance. I hope that we’ll start to explore some of our big ideas this week, especially whether or not the American Dream actually exists. Take a look at your Election Week schedule:

Monday: Last week we were introduced to Nick Carraway, the narrator of The Great Gatsby. In many ways he is part of the author, F. Scott Fitzgerald, born in the midwest and transplanted to NYC. (Check out this article for more on that). Because we’ve already met him, we’ll be transitioning to look at some work from Langston Hughes, and his poem A Dream Deferred. You can check out the work you’ll be doing in groups here.

Homework: Finish Gatsby chapter 1.

Tuesday: ┬áNo school! Go vote! Or… um… tell your parents to vote!

Wednesday: We’re going to be discussing the first chapter of Gatsby for the first 20 minutes or so of class. Afterwards, I’ll be giving you time to read the second chapter.

Homework: Read chapter 2

Thursday: Naturally, we’ll be digging into chapter 2. I also have your second set of vocabulary words. I’ll post them ASAP.

Friday: To finish the week you’ll be making your first extended journal entry, comparing life in East and West Egg to the life that Hughes describes in A Dream Deferred. After, I’ll be giving you time to read chapter 3.

Homework: Read chapter 3 for class on Monday.

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