Hey young ones! I hope that you’re ready for an intellectually challenging and engaging week. As we continue our reading of Gatsby, we’ll also start wrestling with the idea of cultural pluralism and whether or not it is a) a good idea and b) even possible to achieve (if you’d even want to…). Here’s the skinny on our week:

Monday: We’ll be reading a short article in class about the idea of cultural pluralism, then reading excerpts from two influential figures, Booker T. Washington and W.E.B Du Bois. These two intellectuals, both of whom were African-American, had radically different ideas of how the black community should proceed following the Civil War. We’ll be discussing their ideas on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Like I just said, we’ll be looking at the ideas of Washington and Du Bois, and applying their ideas beyond just their writing, looking at race and culture in America. You can find the short readings here (they’re the last two pages) and the questions here.

Homework: Read chapter 5 of Gatsby for class on Wednesday.

Wednesday: I have a short set of discussion questions for us on Wednesday that deal both with the basic plot and with the idea of cultural pluralism.

Thursday: I’m still figuring out exactly what Thursday will look like. We will be listining to some music from the Harlem Renaissance, but I haven’t put together exactly who just yet. Stay tuned.

Homework: Read chapter 6 in Gatsby.

Friday: We’ll be dealing with chapter 6 via a Socratic Seminar. We’ll be looking at social class in the novel, viewed through the lens of cultural pluralism.

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