Howdy, young ones! This is a super short week, but we still have quite a lot of work to do. In order to catch up after all the odd days off that we had this marking period we’ll need to get some additional reading done during the week. This means, of course, that you’ll need to do some reading outside of school. If you’re struggling to understand exactly what’s going on in the text, you can check sparknotes.com to look at summaries of each chapter. You can also watch this neat-o video:

I hope that helps, if you’re struggling. That said, here’s the week!

Monday: We’ll be discussing chapter 7 in class. I have a few debatable questions that we’ll be walking through during the course of the period.

Homework: Read chapter 8 for class on Tuesday.

Tuesday: I have a set of discussion questions that we’ll be working through in class, as well as a short group piece about 3 particularly meaningful passages.

Homework: Read chapter 9 for Wednesday.

Wednesday: The smart kids should expect a quiz on Wednesday, but we’ll also be having something of a debate around the question of whether or not Nick’s judgement of the culture is fair or accurate. This will tie in to the conversation about dreams, by the way.

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