Hey s’mores! It’s the last week of the marking period, which means that we’ll be wrapping up our study of the 1920’s and beginning to work on our summative project. Remember, the summative project is 60 percent of your grade for the marking period, so it is imperative that you work hard to complete it during the week. Here’s the schedule:

Monday: 1st, 4th, and 5th periods will be finishing up our work with Gatsby and moving into our summative project. I’ll be explaining it to you during class and you’ll have the opportunity to start working on your project. 3rd period will be finishing up the novel, discussing the final three paragraphs and then starting your projects. Here’s a sample of what I think your slides should look like if you are electing to make a PowerPoint.

Tuesday – Friday: These will all be work days for you. There is quite a lot to be done, and each day I’ll be walking you through at least one part of the project. The project is due on Friday, by 11:59:59.

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