12th Grade Handouts

KEXP Logo my beloved KEXP mug.

Here is the 12th Grade Syllabus.

And here are the guidelines for the Writing Portfolio.

Week 36 Handouts

Here are the guidelines for your response to the poem Lemonade.

This is the sheet detailing how I expect that you’ll respond to Cathedral and What we talk about when we talk about love.

Week 35 Handouts (finally, back to English…)

Due to copyright restrictions I cannot post the series of short stories by Raymond Carver, but you can pick them up in class. You’ll need them.

Week 29 Handouts

Here is the example sheet for the Sports Page about August Wilson’s play Fences.

Here’s the sample 5 Minute Presentation I did on Friday.

Week 28 Handouts

Here is the .pdf of the 5 Minute Presentation Guidelines.

Week 27 Handouts

Here’s the Byerman reading on Fences and baseball.

The the Staples reading, Just Walk On By is available in class only.

Week 22 Handouts

Here’s the worksheet from Act II, i.

Week 18-20 Handouts

Note: Because most of the Flannery O’Connor stories that we will be reading are still under copy write I cannot post them here. Naturally, they are available from me at school. Feel free to ask.

Here is the prompt for our O’Connor Essay.

Week 16 Handouts

Here is the list of prompts for the final essay assignment on The Things They Carried.

Week 15 Handouts/Presentations

First, here is the worksheet that we’ll be using to discuss the chapter Speaking of Courage.

Second, this is a link to the presentation on Tuesday about the Senior Project Notebook. It is in a .pdf, so you should be able to view it. There is more on the Senior Project section of the site regarding the Notebook, including specific notebook guidelines. Check it out.

Third, here are the discussion questions for In the Field.

Week 14 Handouts

Here is the worksheet for the chapter The Dentist.

And this is the worksheet for Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong.

Week 13 Handouts

Here’s the worksheet for the chapter entitled Spin.

This is the writing prompt for On the Rainy River

Here’s the writing assignment for How to tell a true war story.

Week 11 Handouts

Slaughterhouse Five Essay Prompt

Week 10 Handouts

Slaughterhouse Five Chapter Nine Worksheet

Week 8 Handouts

Here’s Tuesday’s writing prompt.

You’ll find the Slaughterhouse Five Chapter 2 worksheet in last week’s handouts. (We didn’t quite get to it…)

Week 7 Handouts

Slaughterhouse Five Chapter 1 Worksheet

Slaughterhouse Five Chapter 2 Worksheet

Week 6 Handouts

Harrison Bergeron

Week 5 Handouts

Here is the story Some of us had been threatening our friend Colby by Donald Barthelme.

Here are the general guidelines for Response Papers.