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As we begin to examine the master, the undisputed king of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, we will be working towards developing a greater understanding of the role of the camera in cinema. We’ll start by watching the classic Hitchcock film Rear Window, a powerful, disturbing examination of the voyeur in all of us.

Rear Window

Stay tuned for way more about this film, but to tide you over, check out Roget Ebert’s analysis of the film.

Here’s the Rear Window reading from… um… shoot. I’ve totally forgotten what book this is from.


Here is Vince DeMiero’s presentation on Vertigo and its characters. It is crazy complicated, but the truth is that this may well be Hitchcock’s most daring film. It brings to the fore questions about how we construct our perceptions of reality and how vulnerable we might be.

Here is the reading on Vertigo.


Perhaps more than any of Hitchcock’s films Psycho forces the viewer to confront all sorts of troubling questions about the way we view things. We’ll be conducting a fairly detailed analysis of a few scenes from the film as we study mise-en-scene and director intentionality. Check out this breakdown of the parlor scene.

Here is the reading on the film.