Senior Project


Welcome to the (official) home of Senior Project in 12th Grade English. I hope that you'll find all the information you need to be successful here. I'll be constantly updating, so stay tuned.

Important (upcoming) Dates:

Proposal Draft 2 Due October 21st

Mentor Information Sheets Due October 26th

Standards of Competence Due October 26th

Proposal Final Draft Due November 5th.

5 Minute Speeches will be May 6th and 7th.

Final Deadline for Presentation approval in May 17th.

Presentations! May 27th. if the image didn't say enough.

I can't say this loud enough. If your proposal is awful, your project will be, too. Check here for some simple tips to make you proposal the best it can possibly be as well as some examples of well created proposals and notebooks.

Find everything you'd ever want to print here.

I've linked to (most?) of the important documents for your Senior Project here. From the proposal form to the rubrics, you'll find them here.

Here is the presentation on the Notebook in a .pdf.

Check out some sample presentations here.

There will be more presentations up here soon, but I currently have one that I did as a sample for my Seniors of 2010.