This page isn’t pretty, but I promise the information here is about as solid as anything you’ll find up here. Check out these links for more knowledge than you have now.

Starter Forms

The Official ESD Project Guide

Culminating Project Survey

Project Checklist and Deadlines

Fields of Study Presentation (.ppt)

Intermediate Forms – Rubrics and whatnot.

Career Exploration

Design a Product, Service, or System

Event/Activity Planning


Learning a new skill/Improving an existing skill


Mentor Info Sheet.

The Proposal

Before I give you the link, I just want to say that this is the roadmap for your success. The better your proposal is, the better your project will be. Guaranteed. I’ll be uploading some examples of successful proposals in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Here’s the link.

Advanced Forms – The Notebook

Here’s the Notebook Guidelines. (.doc).

Here is the Journal Template. You can also find this form on the school’s website. I’ve posted it here as a .doc, but if you need it as a .pdf just let me know.

The Presentation

Here is the 5 Minute Presentation Guide.