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5 Minute Samples

Cello Sample

Here’s the .pdf version the Five Minute Speech example that I did on Friday, April 23rd, 2010.

Notice that each of the slides in the Five Minute Speech corresponds directly to the required notecards as outlined in the 5 Minute Speech Guidelines. My first slide introduces the goals, the second slide introduces the project rubric, the third slide introduces the product rubric and so on.

Here are the notecards from my mock 5 Minute Presentation. I hope you see how they connect to the specific points on the 5 Minute Presentation Guidelines.

Here is Jack Carrick’s 5 Minute Presentation. He does a good job addressing each of the rubric point, so take note. You’ll need PowerPoint for this one, though. Sorry.

Picture 17

15 Minute Samples

Picture 21

Here is Alex Herbig’s PowerPoint. I left it as a PowerPoint so that some of the transitions between slides would remain, but it is much nicer as a Keynote presentation. Additionally, I removed the 3 minute video at the beginning of the presentation. It is a very cool piece that King 5 News did on his presentation, but I felt that it was too huge to allow the presentation to be downloaded easily.

Make sure that you actually play this presentation, as the transitions that he has built into it make some slides impossible to read unless they are being played.

He does a very good job addressing each of the main points in the project rubric, and I think that his documentation is quite clear; he has images from his trip, pictures of the planning for his dinner, and some other pretty neat extras. His product rubric is not as detailed, partially because he does a good job of talking about how he meets standard for each point, and partially because the project changed so dramatically in scope during it’s course. Finally, the slide about documentation is much prettier now. Alex tossed that one together at the last second because he did not have one–mainly because he didn’t need one. His photography, his receipts, and King 5 News are more than enough documentation of an excellent project.

Again, the big take-away here is the excellent way in which he addresses the project rubric (and the stunning photography, let’s be honest).

Here are the guidelines for the presentation. Keep in mind that they are guidelines; there is some room for artistry in your presentation. Note that in Alex’s presentation he weaves his discussion of learning throughout the project, and that his documentation more or less speaks for itself. The important thing is that you hit all of these points clearly and concisely.