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There’s an awful lot of crazy happening in English 10 this week. I’ll try to give you a quick overview of our plans without making it too complicated.

Monday is dedicated entirely to peer-editing the first draft of the Travel Essay. While the draft isn’t being graded, it is a necessary part of the Writing Portfolio, and needs to be edited by a peer before the final draft can be turned in on Friday. Also, we’ll be writing about the editing process and the protocol we used as part of the Reflection Essay in class on Friday. Obviously, if the editing isn’t done, it can’t be reflected upon.

Tuesday will be dedicated entirely to an in-class exercise on introductions. If you missed class, you can find the exercise here.

Wednesday we will be in the LibLab crafting In-Class Essay #2. This one will be graded for content, so be sure to make it to class. Of course, if you miss it, you can always turn it in through

Thursday is still a bit up in the air. I’ll be posting about it as we get a little closer.

Friday will be in the LibLab again, this time working on the Reflection Essay for our Expository Unit. This will be the final piece in the Expository Section of the Writing Portfolio. More information on this to come soon. Also, remember the final draft of the Travel Essay will be due on Friday.

Wow. Tons going on here. Craziness.

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I woke up early for an English Department meeting today, and, like all days upon which I awake early, I manage to squander most of my time. Between making breakfast, getting gas, and finding a lost mug I barely made it to the meeting on time. It all serves to remind me of just how easy it is to begin slowly, with the assumption that we have all the time in the world, only to find out later that we had far less time than we’d believed. It reminds me of my seniors, who, embarking on their Senior Projects, have dallied sufficiently to warrant some concern. Perhaps there is no time like now to redouble our efforts on the Senior Project front.

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