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We will mow your lawn. With chickens.


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Just two weeks of school remain, and we’ve got our work cut our for us. I’ve planned the whole thing out, and we’ll be coming in hot (there’s a story behind that phrase…) to end the year. There will be lots of reading, some blogging, a debate, an exam, and a final essay, so prepare yourselves for a strong finish.

Here’s your week.

Tuesday: We’ll be reviewing Act I.i from last week, just to make sure that we’re all caught up. You can find my sketch of the relationships between Lucentio, Bianca, Tranio, Hortensio, and Gremio here. Finally, I’ll be giving you time in class to finish reading Act I on Tuesday. If you don’t finish, you can find the full text of the play here.

Wednesday: Again, we’ll be having something of a reading day. I’ll be giving you the period to read Act II, but if you don’t finish you can find the full text of the act here.

Thursday: And now all that reading pays off. I’ll be bringing in a guitar on Thursday and we’ll be acting out III.i before I give you some more time to read Act III.ii. There is a brief homework response for scenes one and two, and you can find the full text of it here.

Homework: One page response to Act III. See assignment above.

Friday: We’ll be in the LibLab on Friday working on our blogs. You should be beginning post number four this week, and making sure that you are commenting actively on other people’s work. You can see in the Blog Unit rubric that I’m grading not just on the frequency of your posts, but on their quality as well. Make sure that you’re being good and reflective, kind and generous, and, above all, thoughtful in your posts.

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So we didn’t get nearly as far as I hoped that we would yesterday, and we’ll be catching up a little bit today. With that in mind, here is the modified schedule.

Tuesday: We’ll be discussing part of the Induction to The Taming of the Shrew and I’ll be demonstrating what I’m asking you to do for your short response tonight. We’ll be reading the text with our whole bodies, not just our mouths (which is boring!). You can find the response here.

Wednesday: We’ll still be in the lab on Wednesday (unless you’re sixth period).

Thursday: Will still be a reading day, except that we’ll just be starting Act I.

Homework for Tuesday: Read all of Act I.i. If you need to, you can find the entire thing online. SparkNotes has the original, as well as a modern translation.

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Holy cows… very little time left. I’ll post everything later tonight.

Just so you know, I’ll finish 12th grade grades very soon, but if you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email.

This week looks more or less like this:

Monday: We’ll be working on the Hitchcock essay, as well as taking a short look at Alex Herbig’s Powerpoint. It is fantastic. You can find it in the here.

Tuesday + Wednesday: I’ll be giving you two days to work on the Hitchcock essay, and I’ll be providing the readings that I’m asking you to use in your work. You may find yourselves having to review some of the films, the essays, or some other things. My expectation is that you’ll have your outline done on Tuesday and a first draft virtually complete on Wednesday. We’re working on this in class primarily because I’m trying to give you some time to complete your Senior Project Presentations outside of school. You’ll actually be getting credit for completing your outline, and credit for your first draft. I’m making you go through the writing process, whether you want to or not. 🙂

And I shouldn’t have to remind you that Thursday is your Senior Project Presentation.

And last, but not least, you’ll need to turn in your Hitchcock essay via by 11:59:59 on Friday.


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…and then there were four.

When I was a little kid my mother, a voracious reader in her own right, had a book that sat upon the shelf downstairs entitled And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. I really only remember the book because the front cover horrified me as a child, for reasons I can’t really place my finger squarely upon. So here it is for you.


I think it was about a bunch of people dying. Either way, you can read all about it on SparkNotes. Or watch the movie. Or, better still, just read the book. I might have to this summer.

That said, here’s the week. It is sort of jumbled and strange because of Senior Project Presentations, and as a result of the fact that the week itself is only four days.

We’ll be beginning our last major reading assignment of the year, William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. It is a tremendously funny play about, well, a play. I’ll explain all about it in class on Monday and post the illustration after class. With that information in mind, here’s your week (more or less).

Monday: We’ll be introducing The Taming of the Shrew on Monday, and I’ll be introducing the characters, the characters they play, outlining the basic plot for you. We’ll be watching part of a video on the play as well. You can download it here.

Read in class: Ind I.i and Ind I.ii of the Induction.

Tuesday: We’ll be reading part of Act I.i aloud together, and I’ll be giving you time in class to read the remainder of the scene. You’ll have a brief written response, which I’ll post here as soon as it is done.

Homework: Response for Act I.i.

Wednesday: We’ll be in the LibLab on Wednesday working on our blogs. Unless you’re in 6th period, in which case we’ll be using the laptops in my room.

Thursday: We’ll be using our limited time on Thursday to read Act 1.ii silently in class. I expect that you’ll finish it before you leave.

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Hey! Here are your instructions for your blog day.

me and sign

Click the picture for a larger image.

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So there’s what, four weeks left?

And only ten days until Culminating Exhibition. Thank God for Hitchcock, then 🙂

We’ll be looking at his classic (albeit tame by our standards) slasher film Psycho. Before we delve deep into that bizarre piece though, we’ll be discussing mise-en-scene, horror and slasher films, and some other stuff, too.

Monday: We’ll be discussing the difference between horror, slasher, and suspense films, in addition to learning about the French term mise-en-scene. You can find a great analysis of the mise-en-scene in Psycho’s classic parlor scene here.

Tuesday-Thursday: We’ll be viewing Psycho. Woohoo!

Friday: I’ll be distributing the essay prompts for the Hitchcock film unit, and we’ll be working on starting them.

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Howdy! We’ve got 5 weeks of school left, so if you’re looking at your grades thinking “oh my,” this would be the time to start making up work, catching up on reading, and doing your darndest to get things in order. Here are some important things for you to know as we start coming near to the end of the school year.

1. There is still time to make up work.

2. I will stop accepting late work on June 11th. After that point no late work (unless you were absent) will be accepted under any circumstances (again, barring absence). I need the last day of school to be just that, and it isn’t if I’m still grading stuff.

3. There is still an exam, our blog project, your renditions of a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and one other project to do.

4. I’m available during Tutorial every single day, from 7:20 (or earlier) to 7:40. This is a great time to check in if you need some help.

Ok, now that those are out of the way, here’s what your week looks like.

Monday: We’ll be reading Act IV, Scene i (or at least part of it) aloud in class. I have a few words to say about this act, and will also be illustrating it during class–perhaps I’ll post the illustration later.

Homework: You can find the brief homework response here.

Tuesday: We’ll be reading Act IV, Scene ii together in class. I’ll be asking a few of you to read specific parts in class. There is a brief response to this scene as well.

Homework: Again, a brief response that can be found here.

Wednesday: We’ll be finishing up our reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by watching, then reading, the extremely funny Act V. This portion of the play is almost pure comedy, as the vast majority of the plot (actually, all of it) has been wrapped up in Act IV. I hope that you find it as comical as I do. Additionally, I’ll be handing out the review sheet for the exam on Thursday.

All homework for the week will be collected on Wednesday.

Thursday: We have our final exam for A Midsummer Night’s Dream on Thursday.

Friday: Back to the LibLab on Friday for time to work on our blogs. I’ll be showing you how to create a blogroll, how to comment on your friends’ blogs, and discussing some of the rules of a respectful commenter. You should have blog post #1 completed prior to class on Friday.

But wait, there’s more!

We’ll be breaking into groups for our performances of a scene from the play next and I’ll be distributing the scene options sometime this week. You’ll get more information on the performances later this week.

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Here are the instructions for the blogs you’re keeping!


Here’s my little presentation on inserting pictures and adding photo credits in WordPress.

Picture 18

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Hey! Here’s the super easy quiz on Acts 1 through 3!

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