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Sorry that I managed to miss posting the assignments for this week; with wife’s sister in labor and my car exploding this has been a bit much to deal with. That said, here’s the work that we’ve done and will be doing:

Here’s the FreeWrite that we did for Chapter 14 dealing with the character of Chillingworth.

And here’s the in-class assignment dealing with the character of Pearl in chapter 15.

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Hey all-

Here’s the worksheet that we started today for Chapter 4 in Lord of the Flies. Remember, we only did the summary questions and the first analysis question.

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Happy week number 8. As I write this I’m waiting at the Paramount to see Mumford and Sons, which is a little odd. The last time they played in Seattle they played at a tiny little club in Ballard. Goes to show how far doing something well will take you, I suppose. Also, the opening act, King Charles, has made multiple references to the British author Oscar Wilde, so that’s fun. But enough from me. Here’s your week:

Monday: We’ll be doing two things on Monday. First I’ll be introducing our Post-It note reading strategy in which we’ll be marking moments in the text that deal with civilization or the lack thereof. Secondly, we’ll be illustrating the island so that you can have a better idea of where our young boys are.

Homework: Read through the break in chapter 3. I’ll show you where in class. Add your 5 Post-Its, and I’ll be checking them at the start of class.

Tuesday: During our Grammar Warm Up I’ll stamp your questions. We’ll discuss what you noticed, and we’ll end the day by reading the end of chapter 3 aloud.

Wednesday: We’ll be starting the day with a 10 minute FreeWrite (which I’ll post on the blog on Wednesday) then discuss. The rest of the period will be for reading chapter 4. I’ll introduce a new theme, and you can choose which you want to Post-It.

Homework: Read through the rest of chapter 4 and make sure to add your sticky notes. I’ll be checking them at the start of class.

Thursday: After Grammar #14 we’ll launch into some class time to work on an activity for chapter 4. It will be due at the end of class, so you’ll need to work efficiently.

Friday: After Grammar quiz number 6 we’ll have time dedicated to reading and sticky noting chapter five. You’ll need to have it ready to go for Monday.

Homework: Complete chapter five for the start of class on Monday.

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In this short week we’ll be working with an even more limited time frame, as Monday is dedicated entirely to completing the Healthy Youth survey. As a consequence I’ll be postponing this week’s quiz on linking verbs until next week, when we’ll combine it with the quiz on helping verbs. That said, here’s the week.

Monday: As I mentioned, Monday is completely given over to the Healthy Youth Survey. It will take all period, and will be tons of fun. (That’s a lie).

Tuesday: We’ll be jumping into Lord of the Flies on Tuesday with a short assignment that will get you thinking about one of the novel’s major themes, that of the nature of good and evil. Afterwards I’ll read the beginning of the novel aloud.

Homework: Read the remainder of chapter 1 for class on Wednesday.

Wednesday: In the course of our study of this novel we’ll have a number of small group projects. Wednesday will be dedicated to an assignment that will start looking at the novel’s major’ll be turning it in before you leave class, and you can find a copy of the chart here.

Thursday: After Grammar #12 I’ll be giving you the rest of the period to read through chapter two. You’ll need to be done with it for class on Monday.

Homework: Complete chapter two for class on Monday.

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Here’s to week 6, and what appears to be (if the lightning outside is any indication) the official end of summer.

Monday: I’ll be handing out the giant organizer that I’d hoped to get to on Friday, and we’ll be filling it out in class. The purpose here is to help you understand what you need to have in an essay. It isn’t to make a perfect essay; in fact, you’ll probably find that you can’t fit everything on it. That’s okay. I want you to start getting into the habit of providing adequate details in your drafting process, and this should help you with it.

Tuesday: We’ll be writing out our rough drafts on Tuesday in-class. I had originally thought about having you do this at home, but I think it is valuable to be able to provide some guidance as we go. Also, you’ll have your weekly grammar stuff. We’re starting with verbs this week, but our quiz will still contain plenty of questions dealing with nouns.

Wednesday: Wednesday will be a peer editing day for your rough drafts. At this point you’ll have created an outline, done a draft from it, and will be receiving feedback on your work. The final is due on Friday, along with your Reflection, which I’ll discuss in class.

Thursday: We’ll begin our first novel of the year, The Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, on Thursday. After our grammar warm up I’ll check out the books to you and we’ll read, together, the first chapter.

Friday: Our grammar quiz will be on Friday, so make sure that you’re studied up. Also, we’ll have a 5 Minute FreeWrite on the notion of freedom. We’ll end the day by reading in class chapters 2 and 3. You need to have completed chapter 3 for class on Monday.

Due: Your final version of the Hero Essay will be due on Friday, with your drafts and revision sheets, as well as your Reflection.

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Well, my wife has purchased miniature pumpkins for our kitchen table, so I guess that means it is officially fall. How sad. On a brighter note, here’s your week!

Monday: We’ll begin the week with a 5 Minute FreeWrite about the very nature of the Scarlet Letter itself, then transition into 2 activities. First, you’ll be making some predictions based on the text thus far, as all good readers do. I’ll be checking of predictions and chapter questions a couple of times this week. Secondly, I’ll be handing back all of your Reflective Essays. We’ll be using these to craft our writing goals for this next essay, and I’ll be recording them before handing them back to you. I cannot stress this next piece enough: do not lose these. At the end of the semester you’ll be required to look back on the writing that you’ve done, and you’ll need to have it with you to do so.

Tuesday: After Vocabulary #4 I’ll have a brief word about the text thus far. I’ll be illustrating for you a number of the different themes that Hawthorne introduces in these early chapters, then asking you to begin keeping track of some yourself. The rest of the period will be given over to allowing you some time to read.

Homework: Read chapters 3 and 4 and complete the short contrast chart you received in class.

Wednesday: We’ll start the day by stamping your charts, then we’ll spend much of the rest of our time discussing what you’ve found.

Homework: Read chapter 5, Hester at her needle.

Thursday: Again we will begin with a short vocabulary list, then we’ll be jumping in to chapter 5, looking specifically at the way in which Hawthorne’s language helps us to more deeply understand the character of Hester. We’ll be filling out a chart which will ask you to look specifically at the author’s choice of language, and we’ll be discussing it at the end of class.

Friday: After our vocabulary quiz I’ll be giving you the rest of the period to read. You need to be through chapter 8 and at the beginning of chapter 9 (page 114) for class on Monday, as we’ll have our first in-class essay on the novel then.

Homework: Read through page 114 for class on Monday.

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So if you missed today’s FreeWrite, here it is:Law/Liberty

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Sorry to be late on this one.

Monday: I handed out the short text by William Bradford, and your task was to write 5 questions that you had about the entries. Simple.

Homework: Write 5 questions that you have about Bradford’s account of the first few years at Plymouth.

Tuesday: After a quick set of vocabulary words we’ll be holding a discussion of Bradford’s texts based on the questions that you crafted. You’re only eligible to participate if you completed the questions. If not, you can make up points by completing a summary and analysis of the text in class during our discussion.

Homework: Read Morton’s account of the same period and craft 5 questions on the text.

Wednesday: We’ll discuss Morton in much the same way as we discussed Bradford, and the same make up rules apply.

Thursday: After our vocabulary words, I’ll be distributing and the “preaching” Edwards’ sermon Sinners in the hands of an Angry God. We have a warm up activity for this one that involves making predictions based on the title, then a wrap up piece that involves summarizing the text, section by section, to demonstrate understanding. This is a great way to dig into a piece of writing, and we’ll be doing it all year long.

Homework: Your second thought paper is due on Friday, covering the writings of Bradford, Morton, and Edwards. I recommend that you focus on the differences in their beliefs as they pertain to faith and freedom.

Friday: After our vocabulary quiz I’ll be giving you time to read your Outside Reading texts, so make sure that you come prepared (I’m awarding points for those who are). This is a good time to remind you that you should have your first one done by the end of October.

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One month down, and we’re getting ready to start hitting it pretty hard, even if this week doesn’t totally look like it. Here’s the schedule:

Monday: We’ll start the week with a special 10 Minute FreeWrite about the Hero’s Journey in our own lives. It’s sort of a challenging one, but I think it’ll be pretty cool, and will start to help us see how we Batman Begins and looking at the Hero’s Journey in this film. Of course, I’ll be asking you to take some notes as we go, looking at the stages of the Hero’s Journey in the film. Click here to download the chart you’ll be filling out.

Tuesday + Wednesday: We’ll be finishing the film on Tuesday and Wednesday as we continue to fill out our Hero’s Journey charts. Of course we’ll begin Tuesday with our Grammar Warm Up #7.

Thursday: This is a tremendously, massively important day. After Grammar Warm Up #8 we’ll be reading, writing about, and discussing a quote from the noted author and psychologist Carl Jung. This passage, and your reading/discussion of it, will form part of the basis for the actual essay that we’ll be writing, beginning on Friday.

Friday: We’ll begin the day with our Grammar Quiz, then transition to writing out an outline for our first literary essay on the Hero’s Journey. I’ll be providing you with a giant graphic organizer once your outline is checked off. The organizer is due, filled out, on Monday. If you’ll be gone please be sure to pick one up before hand or download and print one (it’s 11×17, so you might need to go to Kinko’s).

Homework: Complete your Graphic Organizer for class on Monday. I’m checking it off at the very start of class.

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