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Hey Smores!

This is your week. I’m not going to write much, as I’m trying to do a thousand things right now.

Monday: We’ll watch Act 4.1 after we finish discussing 3.4. It will be great.

Tuesday: See Monday.

Wednesday: After I collect your Outside Reading projects we’ll be reading part of Act 4.1 and discussing the apparitions that appear to Macbeth. Afterwards you’ll be asked to work through a series of short questions on the scene.

Homework: Complete 4.1 Study Guide.

Thursday: We’ll be reading/discussing Act 4.2, and we’ll also watch part of the scene. I have a short lecture on this scene that ties into the study questions from Wednesday also. We’ll end the day with a short set of Study Guide Questions which I’ll post shortly.

Homework: Read 4.3

Friday: We’ll be discussing 4.3 through our Study Guide Questions

Homework: Eat yummy things.

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Hey S’mores! This week is a super short one, but we’ll be focusing on Macbeth for most of it. Here it is, in brief.

Monday: We’ll be reading through most of III.i, and working through a short series of questions on the text. See below for the complete list of questions.

Homework: Read III.ii.

Tuesday: Tuesday will look much the same as Monday, but with Act III.ii and one more set of questions. Here are the questions for Act III Scenes One and Two.

Homework over the Turkey Day: For Extra Credit, print this picture of a turkey, color it, print it, and take a picture of it with your family. I’ll give you extra credit points for the most creative “family portrait.” I require a hard copy, so no cell pics. Bring the picture Monday for credit 🙂 Also, finish reading Act III.

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Hola, juniors! I totally blanked on getting your week posted last week. That was foolish of me, and I’m terribly sorry. That said, I have the plan for this week right here. It’s a short week, I know, but there’s lots of work to do. Here’s the week.

Monday: To start the week we’ll be jumping into the editing of your essays on Romanticism. Remember that you need to bring two copies of your essay for our peer editing. If you miss class on Monday, you can find the peer edit protocol here so that you can do it with a friend. We should get through at least one complete edit during class. Before you do any of the editing I’m going to show you a little more clearly how I expect you to edit.

Homework: Make sure that you bring your essays back for class on Tuesday for our second day of editing.

Tuesday: Tuesday is day two of our editing. Again, you’ll need your essay and a copy of the peer editing sheet, your essay, and some other folks to help you.

Homework: Your essays will be due Tuesday after break. In the meantime, here’s your extra credit assignment over the break. Just print this picture, color it, and take a picture of your family with it. You must bring in a hard copy of the picture on Monday for extra credit.

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Hola, juniors! We’ve for a bit of a short week, and we’ll be focusing on a single story all week as we continue our exploration of Romanticism. Our attention will be on Herman Melville’s story Bartleby, The Scrivner.

Monday: To start the week I’ll be introducing our story for the week, as well as the associated vocabulary (side note: we’ll be rolling our vocabulary over from last week). We’ll read the first part of it aloud, and we’ll be focusing on characterization and symbolism, specifically on how the novel’s characters fit in to definite… um… stereotypes.

Homework: Finish reading Chapter One for class tomorrow. You’ll need to know plenty about each of the characters introduced in the exposition.

Tuesday: We’ll begin the day with Grammar #7, then we’ll work through Chapter One of Bartleby by discussing the characters and what they represent. The second half of the day will be set aside for you to begin/finish reading Chapter Two.

Homework: Finish reading Chapter Two.

Wednesday: We’ll start with Grammar #8, then I have some questions for you dealing with chapter two. We’ll work through them in class, then discuss. Whatever time is left will be for you to read Chapter Three.

Homework: Read Chapter 3

Thursday: We’ll begin the day with two quizzes: first, the Grammar Quiz, then the vocabulary quiz. The end of the day will be a short group work piece dealing with our story. I’ll post it ASAP.

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