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Hey juniors! Happy Monday, or, for those of you who are really on top of it, happy Sunday evening. This will be a relatively easy week, but I do have a few fairly significantly things that you should be aware of. Read on, and you’ll learn all about it.

Monday: A couple of things have to happen on Monday. First, we’ll be doing a short quiz on the reading from Into the Wild chapter 17. For those of you who read this early, well, congrats. That makes your life easier. (I’d focus on the end of the chapter). I’ve prepared a short study guide for the chapter, which we’ll complete in class. Afterwards, I’ll be giving you a little bit of time to read chapter 18, the novel’s conclusion.

Homework: Finish reading chapter 18 for the start of class on Tuesday.

Tuesday: We’ll start the day with a study guide for chapter 18, which I imagine will take most of the period. It’ll be fun, I promise.

Wednesday: I’ll hand out our study guide for Into the Wild so that you’ll be ready for the Final Exam on Thursday. Study up!

Thursday: Your Into the Wild final exam will take place on Thursday. See your study guide to make sure you’re good to go.

Friday: I’m going to introduce our Into the Wild essay on Friday in class, and we’ll be selecting a prompt and beginning to put together an outline. I’ll try to stamp the outlines in class, but if it isn’t done you’ll need to finish it over the weekend for class on Monday.

Homework: If you don’t finish your outline in class on Friday, you need to have it done first thing Monday.

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Hey S’mores! I hope that your weekend was a touch less busy than mine, but that it was just as lovely. We’ve got a pretty busy week ahead of us, and there is a pretty sizable chunk of reading that has to get done, so make sure that you schedule time to make it happen. Here’s the plan for the week:

Monday: A couple of things have to happen on Monday. First, we’ll be doing a¬†short written piece on some of the events in chapter 16, looking specifically at Atticus’ statements that the children made Walter Cunningham walk in his shoes for a bit. This is an interesting notion, and we’ll be discussing it at length. I’ll also be collecting your TKAM journals, which I meant to do on Friday.

Tuesday: We’ll start the day with our fourth installment of vocabulary, which you need to define in class. Afterwards, I’ll be giving you a bit of time to read, as there is a nice chuck of reading to be done for class on Wednesday.

Wednesday: This will be a reading day. (Also, Anthony is annoying me).

Homework: Read chapters 17-21. As per normal, you’ll need to choose one passage from each chapter and provide an analysis of the passage’s tone.

Thursday: We’ll begin class with a short assignment for your journals on chapters 18-21. I imagine that much of the rest of our class time will be spent working through the implications of some of these ideas.

Homework: Read chapters 22-24 for class on Friday. You’ll need to choose one passage from each chapter and provide an analysis of the passage’s tone.

Friday: We’ll begin class with a vocabulary quiz. I recommend that you study for this quiz, as last week’s quiz very clearly indicated who took the time to study and who did not. I have a lecture planned for Friday also, and I’ll be addressing some other elements of literary analysis that compliment an analysis of tone. Naturally, I do expect you to begin incorporating some of these additional techniques, especially analysis of the author’s purpose, into your literary analyses. I will post the presentation on Friday, after the lecture.

Homework: Read chapters 24-27 for Monday. Again, you will be asked to choose one passage per chapter to provide an analysis of, and you must begin to use some of the new tools we discuss on Friday.

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S’mores! Here’s the quick skinny on the week (even if it is a touch late).

Wednesday: I’d like to start the day by introducing Vocabulary #3, which we’ll spend much of the period working on. I imagine that looking up each of the words will take some time. Secondly, I need to walk you through the non-profit organizations that we’re interested in teaming with so that we can nominate a few for a vote.

Homework: Read chapters 12+13, then choose one passage whose tone is of particular interest to you. Provide an analysis of said passage.

Thursday: In class we’ll spend most of the period with a series of deceptively simple discussion questions that are centered around two significant events in the text, specifically Scout and Jem heading to Calpurnia’s church and Aunt Alexandra arriving for an extended stay. You can find the questions here.

Homework: Read chapters 14+15, then provide an analysis of the tone of at least one passage.

Friday: We’ll start the day off with a vocabulary quiz, then move on to discussing chapters 12 and 13. I’ll be collecting your journals as well, so make sure you have them with you. Finally, if there is any time, we’ll use it to start the weekend’s homework.

Homework: Read chapter 16.

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Hey Juniors! I know that we’re a bit into the week, but I wanted to make sure that everything we were doing this week was posted. Here’s the schedule and the related assignments, in case you have questions or are missing.

Wednesday: I have a short assignment about chapter 14, in which we begin to learn about the author, John Krakauer, and some of his own adventures. You can find it here. This is something of a prelude to chapter 15, which we will discuss in great detail tomorrow.

Homework: Read chapter 15

Thursday: We’ll begin the day with Journal Entry #6, which is designed to help you make connections between the text and yourself. Next, we’ll move on to a deceptively simple series of questions about the function that chapters 14 and 15 serve in the text. Because they are such unique chapters (after all, they are about the biography’s author), they demand some attention.

Homework: Read chapter 16

Friday: We’ll be starting class with a quiz on chapters 14-16, which we have spent the majority of the week on. Afterwards, I’ll be giving you a portion of the class to work on the reading for the weekend and to work on a short assignment for chapter 16.

Homework: Read chapter 17

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Hey 11’s! I’ve been a touch negligent in getting our work posted here, but I wanted to get back on that horse, so to speak. So, that said, here’s what we did this week and what we’ll be doing for the rest of it as we continue to read John Krakauer’s novel, Into the Wild.

Monday: I’ll be introducing an activity in which we’ll be illustrating a passage from Into The Wild which gives us some kind of insight into Chris/Alex as a character. You can find the direction¬†here.

Tuesday: We’ll start the day with Into The Wild Journal Entry #4. Afterwards, I’ll be introducing Vocabulary #4, and asking you to craft a paragraph using 7 of the 10 words from Vocabulary #3 and #4. I’ll be stamping them on Wednesday.

Homework: Read chapters 7-9.

Wednesday: I’ll begin class by stamping your vocabulary paragraph, then we’ll be transitioning into an activity that will explore chapters 8 and 9 in detail. You can find it here. Also, I’d expect a reading quiz, if I were you. Just saying…

Homework: Read chapters 10 and 11.

Thursday: If the rest of the week hasn’t been an indication, I’ll remind you that I’m assessing your reading regularly this semester. Hint. W’ll be discussing chapters 8 and 9 in depth, and ending the day with Journal Entry #5.

Friday: After our weekly vocabulary quiz, we’ll be starting work on another characterization activity, focusing on the similarities and differences between Walt McCandless and his son Chris. Afterwards, I’ll give you some time to work on our homework for the weekend.

Homework: Read chapters 12 through 14.

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