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Hey s’mores! There seems to be some confusion about where some of the resources that you need for the Tale of Two Cities exam are, so I went ahead and made a singular PDF of all the work we have done thus far. You can find it here.

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Hola juniors! I’m sitting here in sunny Denver, CO, thinking about all the fun you get to have without me this week. Plays and essays? I’m jealous. Anywho, here’s your week:

Monday: As you already know, today was play preview day. I hope that you were awesome and enjoyed it. Remember, you can receive extra credit for attending, as long as you bring me the ticket stub.

Homework: Make sure that you have your thesis completed for the start of class to receive full credit.

Tuesday: You’ll continue the writing process by working up an outline for the essay that you’re preparing to write. I expect that you’ll have crafted clear topic sentences and selected appropriate evidence to support your claims. Remember, a topic sentence should be argumentative. Don’t just summarize a point in the novel. Instead, make sure that you’re introducing an idea that you will support with evidence from the text.

Homework: Complete your outline for the start of class on Wednesday.

Wednesday: Those of you who have completed your outline will be allowed to grab a laptop and begin work on your rough drafts. These will be due for peer editing on Monday.

Thursday + Friday: You’ll be in the library on Thursday and Friday. These are both days for you to work on typing up your rough drafts. With all this time, there should be no reason that you don’t have your drafts ready for peer editing on Monday.

Homework: Typed, printed rough drafts for class on Monday.

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Hey s’mores! I’m sitting at a little coffee shop in Denver, thinking about all the fun that you’re having without me and I’m a little jealous. I mean, play previews? Rad!

Any who, I have prepped the whole week for you, all of the discussion guides as well as the final installment of the vocabulary for our novel. Take a look at the week below.

Monday: As you have already seen, Monday is play preview day. I hope that you had fun.

Homework: Read chapters 14-17

Tuesday: Naturally we have a set of discussion questions for chapters 14-17. Additionally, I have a short lecture on the connections between modern America and Victorian England that also talks about zombies.

Homework: Read chapters 18-21 for class on Thursday.

Wednesday: The smart kids already figured out that there will be a short mid-novel exam on Wednesday. Study your vocabulary, then use your extra time to complete the reading for Thursday.

Thursday: After reviewing the previous set of discussion questions, there is another set of questions for chapters 18-21.

Homework: Read chapters 22-24, which takes us to the end of book 2.

Friday: You’ll finish off book two with one last set of discussion questions for chapters 21-24, then I’ll toss up the final vocabulary set.

Homework: Read book 3, chapters 1-4

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Hola, juniors! We’ve got a whole bunch to do this week, as we wrap up Huck Finn and transition into one of two cumulative projects that we have on the novel. First, we’ll be having a debate about the novel and whether or not we should be teaching it, and second (sometime next week) we’ll begin our final essay on it as well. But before that, we’ll be getting through this week. Check it out below:

Monday: I have a short lecture (though an important one) on the end of the novel and what to begin looking for. I’m going to ask you to start making some predictions about what you think will become of Huck and Jim, and, specifically, how you feel about the two at this point. Don’t miss it (and if you do, come see me ASAP). Afterwards, I’ll be giving you some time to read.

Homework: Finish the novel.

Tuesday: I have our last set of discussion questions for the novel on Tuesday, dealing with chapters 40-43, and we will conclude our Reader Response journal entries that you began on Monday.

Wednesday: As I mentioned before, we’ll be having a bit of a debate on the novel. In order to do this, we’ll be reading some stuff from this debate from the New York Times, as well as a series of other articles from local newspapers. Additionally, you’ll be preparing a short summary of each article, its argument, and how it makes said argument.

Thursday: This day is set aside for you to continue reading the articles presented to you. I’ll be collecting your debate summaries on Monday, then we’ll assign sides and dive on in to the debate.

Homework: Finish debate summaries.

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Hello young ones! Happy Monday, and happy short week (there are no classes this Friday, as it were). We’ll be continuing our work with Tale of Two Cities this week, and I’ll be giving you a bit of vocabulary to go along with the novel, as well as discussing some of the allusions behind the text. If you want to do a bit of extra reading, check out Stanford’s reference page for some excellent resources surrounding the history of the novel. All of the images fail to load (annoying), but the information is excellent. That said, here’s your week:

Monday: We’ll be discussing chapters 5-6, which bring to an end book number one. There is a set of vocabulary terms that are for Book 2, chapters 1-6.

Homework: Read chapters 1-3.

Tuesday: I have a set of in-class discussion questions to follow up on chapters 1-3 of Book 2.

Homework: Read chapters 4-6.

Wednesday: We’ll be discussion chapters 4-6 in class, and I’ll give you some time to start in on the reading of chapter 7. We’ll spend most of our Thursday discussing it.

Homework: Read chapter 7.

Thursday: I’ve a series of questions relating to chapter 7 that we’ll be dealing with in something of a jigsaw fashion as well as a short activity.

Homework: Read chapters 8 and 9 for class on Monday.

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