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Hey! It’s really late and I want to go to bed, so lets keep this short and sweet.

Monday: The smart kids will expect that I’ll be holding them accountable for the reading through chapter 13 of Things Fall Apart. Afterwards, I’ll be giving you a little bit of time to read through chapter 14 in class.

Homework: I have two response questions for chapter 14 (both can be found on this page). Please choose one and respond in your journals for class on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Class will begin with a review of your responses to chapter 14. Afterwards I’ll be handing back your close readings on Kipling and discussing what went well and what did not. (For those of you in DC, I’ll post a review of my general comments in the blog as an update so that you can keep up).

Homework: Read chapters 15-17.

Wednesday: I have a short series of discussion questions dealing with these three chapters which we’ll work through in class.

Thursday: We will be having a short seminar on the second section of the novel which is designed to explore the notion of the tragic hero. I’ll be lecturing briefly on this literary trope beforehand to make sure that you have a clue what we’re talking about.

Homework: Read 18-20

Friday: We will begin class with a short turn and talk activity, then I’ll be handing out copies of Black Man’s Burden which we’ll be discussing in class. This poem will be included in the source materials for the synthesis essay, so make sure that it is clear to you.

Homework: There will be reading. I just don’t know how much.

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Ok, it’s late, so I’m keeping this short. Here’s the week:

Monday: We are going to start making some connections between some of the topics that Achebe addresses in TFA and looking at a particular passage of his that I hope gives you a new lens through which to examine the remainder of the first passage of the novel. I’ll post it after class. I’ll also be collecting your TOTC writes and your illustrated passages (actually, I’ll just be checking off the latter).

Tuesday: As eluded to earlier, you’ll have your first timed write dealing with this novel (sort of…) on Tuesday. As per AP guidelines, you’ll have 40 minutes to complete your work.

Wednesday: I’ll be handing back each of your timed writes on Wednesday (yes, I’m crazy) and going over what went well, what didn’t, and giving you an opportunity to revise your work for partial credit.

Thursday: Because I’m a decent human, I’ll be giving you a reading day. I need you to be through chapter 13 by Friday.

Homework: Read through chapter 13 (the end of part 1).

Friday: I’ll be introducing a poem by Rudyard Kipling to you on Friday (it connects, trust me) on which you’ll be doing a second timed write.

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Hola, young ones! It’s late on a Sunday, so I’ll keep this week’s overview brief. We are going to be learning how to do a proper close reading of a text this week in addition to our normal reading. If you want to take a look at a very succinct outline of a close reading, check this out.

Monday: I am going to start the week out with a short look at what a close reading is so that you have a good idea what we are going to be doing throughout the week, and, indeed, through the rest of the novel. Afterward, I’ll be giving you a passage to craft your own close reading of.

Tuesday: Tuesday will be a reading day. Please read chapters 9 and 10 for class on Wednesday.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we’ll be discussing chapters 9+10 and walking though a short set of discussion questions which I’ll post after class. Afterwards, I will be assigning a passage for you to do your own close reading of.

Homework: Complete your close reading for the start of class on Thursday.

Thursday: I’ll be stamping your close readings at the outset of class, then we’ll spend the rest of the period reading chapters 11+12.

Friday: We’re going to begin the day with a fun free write about dating. Afterwards, I will be assigning a short passage for which you will be completing close reading. At the end of the day I will be collecting your journals with the week’s work.

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Good afternoon, juniors. Happy Monday afternoon. I hope that you were able to get out in the sunshine this afternoon. While you’re at it, make sure to take a look at the homework tonight.

Monday: We’ll be spending a little time today working our way through the beginning of the novel, looking especially at the way that Janie feels about relationships and what she expects. The work for chapters 2 and 3 can be found here.

Tuesday: After we go over the work that from Monday (which I will stamp at the beginning of class) you will be getting a little bit of time to do some of the reading in class. Because we are in fact short on books, much of the reading of this text will take place in class. However, if you have an iPhone and have installed iBooks, you may find this link to the novel in an electronic form mildly useful.

Homework: Please read chapters 4-6.

Wednesday: As we have discussed, one of the central topics that this text addresses is that of gender roles, and this set of questions on chapters 4-6 begins to look at what Hurston is saying about gender and gender roles.

Thursday: After we discuss the set of discussion questions from Wednesday I will be reading part of chapter 7 aloud, then giving you guys and gals time to read.

Homework: Read through chapter 8 for Monday.

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Ok, I know that I missed last week. Super sorry about that. So, to make up for it, here’s this week! (I know that makes no sense. Just run with it).

Monday: We will start the week with the in-class essays that you wrote last week. Naturally, we’re going to spend some time revising them, but we won’t begin that until Tuesday. Instead, to help give you a sense of what is going on in Things Fall Apart, we’ll be going over the first four chapters of the text with this little writing piece.

Tuesday: I’ll be sharing a few more AP essay examples, and you’ll be scoring them yourselves based on the AP rubric. I hope this will help you to form a more complete idea of what a successful AP essay contains.

Wednesday: This will be a day dedicated entirely to rewriting and revising your essays to come closer to AP standard.

Homework: There will be reading. I’m just completely unsure about how far you’ll need to be.

Thursday: We’ll be getting back to Things Fall Apart on Thursday. I’m not sure how. We’ll see where we are at.

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Hey Juniors! I’ll be putting the rest of the week up shortly, but for those of you who wanted a quick overview of the week, here it is:

Monday: We’ll be discussing Zora Neale Hurston’s short story entitled The Gilded Six-Bits. If you missed the discussion questions, you can find them here.

Homework: Read Sweat

Tuesday: I have a short set of discussion questions for the short story Sweat, as well as a short 5 Minute FreeWrite on the two stories together.

Wednesday: We’ll discuss how these two stories work together, then I’ll be reading the first part of the novel aloud to you. I’ll be ending class by collecting all the work from earlier in the week.

Thursday: Much like Janie in Their Eyes Were Watching God, our lives are like trees. Naturally, we’ll be making our own trees in class. It will be fun.

Friday: TBD

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