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Hey s’mores! Sorry for the later-than-normal post this week. The good news is that I’ve nearly entered all of the work that I need to. That said, here’s your shorter-than-normal week.

Tuesday: I have a short five minute FreeWrite that you’ll be dealing with which I believe will end up taking much of the course of the class to discuss. If you’re gone, sit down, take five minutes and jot your thoughts in your journal.

Homework: Read chapters 17-18.

Wednesday: I have a short set of discussion questions on chapters 17 and 18, but we will also be spending a little bit of time discussing the setting of the novel and its importance in understanding the text. We will be reading Richard Garcia’s short poem entitled The Clouds Pass as a short warm up.

Homework: Read chapters 19-21.

Thursday: I have a short lecture about hegemony to begin class, and then we will be transitioning into a short, and final, set of discussion questions.

Homework: Finish the novel.

Friday: I have prepared a timed write for class on Friday.

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Hey young ones! This is a bizarre week, as it will include a half day this Friday. We’ll be reading quite a lot this week, as I really, really want to end the year well by reading Julius Caesar. This does mean that you need to be cognizant of your up coming Outside Reading project, due on June 4.

Monday: After a quick round of brags and bombs we’ll be working through a short series of discussion questions on chapters 3 and 4.

Homework: Read 5-9 for class on Wednesday.

Tuesday: I have a short 5 minute FreeWrite that will go in your journals, afterwards I’ll be carving out some time for you to finish your reading.

Wednesday: We’ll be looking closely at the conflict that Antonio is dealing with in the novel through a short (really short) timed write. I’m especially interested in the duality of his conflict, that which is social and that which is religious.

Homework: Read chapters 10 11.

Thursday: After we chat for a minute about chapters 10 and 11, I have a short exercise for y’all about the character of Ultima and a number of other symbols.

Homework: Read chapters 12 and 13.

Friday: This is a half day. It is dumb. I have no idea at all what will happen. Stay tuned.

Homework: Read chapter 14

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Hey there, nearly seniors! (note that the word “seniors” is not capitalized unless referring to a specific class). I feel like it is acceptable to address you as such, especially considering that we’ll be talking about Senior Project this week (that is capitalized because it is a proper noun). Here’s what the week looks like:

Monday: There are two things happening on Monday. First, Ms. Armstrong will be presenting a brief overview of Senior Project, what it is, and what you need to do on it. If possible, I’ll steal whatever presentation she uses and post it here in the event that you’re absent. Second, we have our final exam on Their Eyes Were Watching God. It is quite short, and I fully anticipate that you’ll be able to finish it within the remaining time. If you are absent, please make arrangements to come in during Tutorial or Advisory this week, otherwise I will be counting the exam as missing.

Tuesday: We’ll be moving into the final essay for Their Eyes Were Watching God. I’ll be handing out the prompts in class, and we’ll be spending some time discussing my expectations for this essay.

Homework: Select a prompt and craft a functional thesis for class on Wednesday.

Wednesday: To begin class I will be stamping your theses. The remainder of the class will be dedicated to your construction of a functional outline. Allow me to stress for a moment that a functional outline includes complete topic sentences (so that you have half a clue what you’re actually going to write about), clear evidence, and maybe even a note or two about how you’ll be responding to the evidence.

Homework: Finish your outlines for the start of class Thursday.

Thursday: I’ll have laptops in the room for y’all to begin drafting your essays. Please note that you’re only eligible for a computer if you’ve had both your thesis and outline approved.

Homework: Rough drafts for class on Monday.

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I drive past this every day.

Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 9.52.37 PM

Advantage? Knowing the difference between possessive and plural.

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Hey s’mores! We’ve something of a shorter week on our hands, as Friday is a teacher work day (or something like that). That said, here’s a quick snapshot of the week:

Monday: I’ll be stamping your compare and contrast pieces on Imperialism, then we’ll be spending much of the period discussing what you wrote. We’ll end by looking at a sample synthesis prompt and some of the guidelines for your success. I’ll also be handing back your previous timed writes and making some general remarks on them. (Suffice it to say that the best essays stuck close to the text, integrated poignant examples, and avoided simply summarizing the novel, but instead provided ample and significant commentary on Dickens’ writing and his use of literary tools).

Tuesday: This will be timed write day. If you are absent you’ll need to schedule time before or after school to make up the essay. Advisory will not be sufficient to finish the work.

Wednesday: I’ll be collecting your copies of Things Fall Apart in class, so please make sure that you have it with you. I’ll also be handing out book number next, Bless Me Ultima. I’m really excited to teach this one, as I’ve never done it before. I’ll be reading part of the first chapter aloud in class.

Homework: Read through chapter 2

Thursday: Naturally, we’ll be discussing the beginning of the novel in class. To be frank, I’m still working out how we’ll be dealing with this novel, and I’ll be posting our work later on during the week.

Homework: Read through chapter 4 for class on Monday.

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Hey young ones! While we have covered the schedule extensively in class this week, I realized that I’d forgotten to toss it on the interwebs. For those of you who are out of the building this week, here’s the plan.

Monday: I’ll be reading chapter 18 aloud. It’s one of my favorite chapters, and is an excellent moment to pause and remember that whenever an author takes the time to discuss the weather that it is important.

Tuesday: I’ll be spending a bit of time finishing up the reading, and then we will finish the period with a short set of math questions. (Kidding! We will be turning our attention towards a short set of discussion questions about chapter 18).

Wednesday: I’d like to read a substantial portion of chapter 19 to you during the period. I’m not confident that we can finish it, but we’ll give it a shot.

Thursday: I’ll be finishing chapters 19 and 20 aloud in class, after which we will be completing a short set of discussion and analysis questions.

Friday: After discussing the end of the novel and the analysis questions above I’ll hand out the review for the novel’s final exam, which will be on Monday.

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Hey young ones! Here are the links to the three articles that I’m asking you to read and provide an analysis of. Remember, you need to explain what they authoris arguing and how he or she is making that argument in rhetorical terms.

How To Write About Africa by Binyavanga Wainaina

When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like “Avatar?” By Annalee Newitz

U.S. Imperialism: A Force for Good by Max Boot

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Hola, s’mores! Here’s to hoping that you had a wonderful, sun-drenched weekend. It’s going to be a busy week for us, so read carefully.

Monday: I’ll be reading the last chapter of Things Fall Apart aloud in class, then we are going to spend some time examining the novel from a rhetorical perspective. I’ll be asking you to complete a journal entry addressing the ways in which Achebe appeals to the reader and how these appeals help make his argument. We will also be discussing Black Man’s Burden from a rhetorical point of view.

Tuesday: After a brief discussion of the novel’s conclusion and Achebe’s use of rhetorical appeals we will be watching a short cartoon and examining how it makes arguments. It will be fun, and I’ll post the links after class in an update (I don’t want to ruin the surprise).

Wednesday & Thursday: In preparation for our synthesis writing on Friday I’ll be having you read two pieces: this is the first, and this is the second. For each, I’ll be asking you to provide an analysis of the text on a rhetorical level. You’ll need to have a good understanding of each for our writing day on Friday.

Friday: This is a writing day. You’ll be responding to a prompt in class dealing with each of the sources that we’ve seen, plus a few others. As per normal, it will be 40 minutes. I will also be checking out our next novel, Bless Me, Ultima.

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