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Hey s’mores! Happy final full week of the 2013 school year! We’ll be finishing up Julius Caesar this week, and I think that you’ll quite enjoy it. The final few acts of this one are some of my favorites. I’ve posted all the necessary materials for the rest of the week, and will add the final review documents this evening.

Monday: I have an in-class writing assignment on Julius Caesar as well as a short set of analysis questions for Act III.

Tuesday: We’ll be discussing Julius Caesar Act IV with this set of discussion questions. I’ll be stamping them on Wednesday. Additionally, I have a lecture on Stoicism, and how an understanding of this philosophy can help us to understand part of the conflict between Brutus and Antony.

Wednesday: Naturally, we have our final set of discussion questions for Julius Caesar. We’ll be discussing a little bit more about the political and philosophical issues Shakespeare is dealing with in the novel.

Thursday: I’ll only be seeing 1st period on Thursday, and we’ll be doing things. (I have no idea what).

Friday: Hooray for finals! If you missed it, you can grab your final study guide here. Also, you’ll find your vocabulary list for the year here. I’d note the italicized words in the section labeled “SPRING” (hint).

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