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Hey y’all! Sorry this is late!


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Happy last week of the year, s’mores! It’s going to be a bit of whirlwind as we wind down Macbeth and transition to our next unit. We’ll be studying Herman Hesse’s text, Siddhartha during our last few weeks of the semester, and you’ll need to do some reading on your own over the break.

Monday: We will start this week with a peer edit day. Make sure that you bring your essay, either digitally or printed. Bear in mind that I only have about 12 computers. If you can print your essay, please do so. It will also allow others to mark up your writing.

Tuesday: I’ll introduce our next text, but I will need to do something of a lecture to explain the intellectual climate in Europe in the teens and 20s. I’ll be lecturing briefly on the Id, Ego, and Superego, Sigmund Freud, and some basic psychology. The lecture will also transition to some of the basic beliefs of Buddhism. This way, my hope is that you’ll more immediately see some of the themes in the text. Afterwards, I’ll hand out copies of the text.

Homework: Read chapter one.

Wednesday: After our Wednesday dance party we will be crafting our journals for the text and looking at the literary device of the foil. Smart kids will anticipate a short quiz on chapter one.

Homework: Finish chapter two.

Thursday: The first part of the day will be spent on a series of discussion questions I stole from somebody… I would give them credit if I could recall from where I stole them. I’ll give you the last 15 minutes of class or so to start in on chapter three.

Homework: Read chapters 3 and 4.

Friday: I have another set of discussion questions on the previous few chapters. There will be other things as well, and we’ll discuss what you need to read over the break.

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Happy week-before-winter break, young ones! We will be wrapping up our reading of Into the Wild, though we will not be through with the novel until after the break. Take a quick look at the reading schedule below.

Monday: We will begin the week with a quick review of John Muir’s writings. I want to give you approximately 20 minutes to finish up your work on Muir. The focus of the class will be centered around making connections between the two individuals. I will also be walking you through Vocabulary #3 for the novel.

Homework: Read chapters 10-11.

Tuesday: Tuesday will begin with a journal entry about parental responsibility (exciting, right?) which I imagine will engender a bit of conversation. Afterwards, there will be a short set of discussion questions, primarily on chapter 11.

Homework: Read chapters 12-13.

Wednesday: I will be walking through a brief lecture on hubris, then we’ll leap into Journal Entry #6 on the same subject. You will also receive Vocabulary #4.

Homework: Finish chapters 14-15 for class on Thursday.

Thursday: The smart kids will expect a quiz. Or something like that. Afterwards we will have an in-class writing piece that will ask you to examine the text that you have read thus far and respond in the span of one class period.

Homework: Read chapters 16-18.

Friday: After a mini-quiz on chapters 10-18, we’ll be discussing the end of the novel, and I’ll be introducing your final piece of writing on text.

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Hi. Let’s start learning.

Monday: I have a short lecture on Freyteg’s Pyramid in which I will be endeavoring to complicate what you think the climax of a novel is, followed by a fun little group exercise. I imagine this will take most of the period.

Tuesday: I will be introducing your next essay, one which I lovingly refer to as the McEssay. Additionally, we need to take a very close look at the Common Core writing standards, because these will be an increasingly important measure of your grade on written assignments. Think of it as looking at the answer sheet before you even start. That should make it fun. Finally, I’ll be reiterating what I expect for your close readings for this play, in the event that you missed it Friday.

Wednesday + Thursday: These are both writing days. Hooray. Stay tuned for information about where they will be taking place. (I prefer the library).

Homework: Finish a rough draft of your essay for class on Friday. I will also be collecting your close readings on Friday, so please ensure that those are done.

Friday: Friday will be a peer edit day! Hooray! You will also be turning in your close readings.

Homework: Finish your essay for Tuesday.

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Happy very cold Monday, young ones! Because it’s so darn cold out, I want to crawl into a pile of warm blankets, so we’ll be keeping this short. A quick note: all of the assignments that I reference here can be found under the Into The Wild tab in English 11.

Monday: We will start the week with a conversation about your first journal entry about Krakauer’s structural choices in the novel. These are very interesting decisions, and I believe they merit a conversation and a deeper understanding. Afterwards, you’ll have journal entry number 2, followed by a set of discussion questions on chapters 3 and 4. The last 5 minutes of class will be for our second installment of vocabulary. Again, if you miss class this week, all of the assignments can be found under the Into The Wild tab.

Homework: Read chapters 5 and 6.

Tuesday: Tuesday is super fun! We’ll be illustrating a passage from the text.

Wednesday: I will start the class by reading at least part of chapter 7 aloud to y’all, then dedicating the remainder of the period to you for reading.

Homework: Finish chapters 7 through 9 for class on Thursday.

Thursday: The smart kids will expect a quiz. Or something like that. Afterwards we will have an in-class writing piece that will ask you to examine the text that you have read thus far and respond in the span of one class period.

Friday: I will be introducing you the the writings of naturalist John Muir, who is worth doing a quick read about. We will be taking a short pause from reading about Chris McCandless and reading some of Muir’s work in an effort to understand McCandless on a deeper level. There is a short writing piece that goes along with this which goes in your journals.

Homework: Finish your work on Muir.

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Good morning, young ones! We have an action packed week ahead, full of all kinds of Transcendentaly (not a word) goodness. Check it out below:

Monday: Over the weekend I asked you to read Song of Myself by Walt Whitman (or, to be more accurate, some excerpts from said poem). We’ll be breaking in to small groups on Monday and providing summaries of the poem, as well as basic analyses of its intended audience, its purpose, and its major themes. If you’re absent, you’ll need to check with me to see what you need to make up.

Tuesday: We’ll begin class with a warm-up dealing with a poem from Walt Whitman which we will discuss at length. There’s a lot going on in it, and I hope to explore it fully with y’all. Afterwards, I’ll be introducing our next novel, Into the Wild. It is seriously rad. I’ll be reading the first chapter aloud in class.

Wednesday: I have a writing prompt. It’s one that has to be done in class. If you’re gone, come see me.

Thursday: This is a reading day. I need you to read chapters 2-4 for class on Thursday.

Homework: Finish the reading described above.

Friday: I have exactly no idea what will happen, as the PPP assembly is scheduled for Friday, but it is unclear how long it will take. Stay tuned.

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