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Hey s’mores! Sorry for the later-than-normal post this week. Moving is a terrible, terrible time suck… That said, here’s the short version of the week:

Monday: We’ll be doing something kind of fun with our Tableau Vivant and chapters 18-21. The hope here is that you can engage a little bit in the Victorian era and choose scenes that you believe are of great import.
Homework: Read chapters 22-24.

Tuesday: I have a short set of study questions for chapters 22-24, as well as our next installment of vocab for the novel.
Homework: Read Book 3, Chapters 1-4.

Wednesday: I have a jigsaw activity for y’all on Wednesday which can’t be easily made up, so make sure that you’re in class. If you know that you’ll be gone, let me know and we can make accommodations.
Homework: Read chapters 5 and 6.

Thursday: We’ll be building on our jigsaw assignment by adding information from chapters 5 and 6 in class.

Friday: In keeping with our tradition, we’ll be using Friday as a reading day. We also have to attend the electives fair.
Homework: Read chapters 7-10.

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Hola young ones! We have quite a lot to get through this week, so strap in! We’ll be looking closely at satire in Huck Finn as we work to draw inferences from the novel about Twain’s statements about our society. Additionally, we will continue to work on smoothly citing the text as evidence to support our claims. Take a look at the week below:

Monday: Over the weekend you read through chapters 23-25 which introduce the Duke and the King’s incident with the Wilkes family as well as their exploits as the Royal Nonesuch acting company. We’ll be analyzing what Twain is satirizing in these chapters, as well as continuing to practice citing textual evidence. You’ll turn in your work at the end of class, so make sure that you’re ready right when we start.

Homework: Read chapters 26-28.

Tuesday: I have a short set of study questions for chapters 26-28 which we will start class with. Then, if time allows, I hope to have some time carved out for you to read.

Homework: Read chapters 29-30

Wednesday: We’ll be talking about chapters 29-30 in brief. I’d like again to give you some time to read. As it turns out, chapter 31 is one of the most significant chapters in the novel and we’ll preview it.

Thursday: Despite Huck’s earlier claims that he wasn’t sure about hell, he makes a massive decision in chapter 31, and we need to talk about it. We’ll be having a bit of a debate in class, and I’ll be assigning sides. I’ll tell you more about it on Wednesday.

Friday: In keeping with our tradition, Friday will be a reading day. You’ll have the whole period to sit down and work through part of chapters 34-35

Hey! Here’s a cool link to an audiobook of the novel.

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Hey young ones! Loads to do this week. Check it out below:

Wednesday: I have a set of discussion questions for chapters 10-13 that you’ll put in your journals. I also have a short activity on the doppelgänger as a literary element, particularly in Gothic literature.
Homework: Read chapters 14-17.

Thursday: I have another set of discussion questions on chapters 14-17, and we also have to discuss the Defarges in some detail.

Friday: We’ll have another reading day, but it’ll start at the library so that I can make sure you have outside reading books.
Homework: Read chapters 18-21.

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Hey young ones! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Life fairly well got away from me. That said, we’re back at it this week, and we’ve got some work to do. Take a look below:

Wednesday: We will start the week with a short writing assignment on the relationship that Huck and Jim have with the river. These should go in your journals.
Homework: Read chapters 20-22 and do 2 double entry journals for each chapter.

Thursday: We’ll start the day with a short piece of group work on your double entry journals, then I have a short set of discussion questions on Colonel Sherburn.

Friday: In keeping with our tradition, Friday will be a reading day, except this one will involve a trip to the library to make sure that you have your outside reading book selected.
Homework: Read chapters 23-25 and complete 2 double entry journals for each.

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Hey juniors! Sorry for the later than usual post this week. What a weekend, though, right? Here’s the schedule:

Monday: We’ll be taking a look at Jim’s fortune telling at the end of chapter 4. The purpose here is for you to start getting used to reading dialect. It’s challenging, and takes some practice.

Tuesday: I’m going to be reading chapter 5 aloud for y’all, and modeling some of the reading strategies that I use to help me make sense of the text. Once we’re done with chapter 5, you’ll be reading chapter 6 for homework.

Homework: Finish reading chapter 6.

Wednesday: I have a short worksheet on chapters 1-6 that you’ll be putting in your journals. I will also give you your first installment of vocabulary from the novel.

Thursday: We’ll be reviewing your work from the previous day, and I’ll be collecting your journals to check your work over the weekend.

Homework: Read chapters 7-10.

That’s it! What a straight forward week. Go Hawks.

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