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This is super last minute, so I’ll keep it short.

Monday: You should have crafted an entry into your journals about the hero and the tragic hero, arguing for Okonkwo as one or the other. If you were absent, please see me and I’ll catch you up.

Tuesday: We’re going to have a short assignment dealing with our conversation yesterday. We’ll be debating whether or not Okonkwo is in fact a tragic hero or a archetypical hero (or, possibly, neither).

Homework: Read through chapter 20.

Wednesday: I have a short turn and talk about the “ok-ness” of what the British are doing, and we’ll be supplementing the conversation with some really interesting information that Zack sent my way.

Homework: Read through chapter 22.

Thursday: There are some short reading questions about chapters 21-22. We’ll do them.

Homework: Read through chapter 25.

Friday: We have a short in class writing piece. I’m going to modify it, so I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be doing. Stay tuned.

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So I’m on an airplane right now, and the internet is really expensive. I need to keep this one short.

Monday: The counselors will be here for their annual career unit. If you miss it, make sure to check with you counselor about registration for the SAT exam.

Tuesday: First, we’ll be making our journals for the work of Zora Neale Hurston. The first entry will be a short vocabulary piece which you can take a look at here. Afterwards, I’ll be introducing the actual story and reading the beginning of it.

Homework: Read through the middle of page 6 (until the line “…all, everything, was right.”)

Wednesday: We’ll be finishing the story together in class, and I’ll read the end of it aloud. Afterwards, we’ll be discussing it in brief. I will also be stamping the vocabulalry assignment first thing.

Thursday: Remember last week when we started working on Hurston’s story Sweat? We’ll be expanding on that work with a short in class writing piece comparing the two stories. This is continuting towards our goal of identifying what different works may say about a particular theme or topic.

Friday: This will be my last day at LHS, but there is still work to be done. I will be handing out the next novel of the year, Their Eyes Were Watching God and reading part of the beginning of it aloud to you in order to introduce it and some of the characters. We’ll end with a short drawing assignment based around one of the more beautiful sentences in the novel to help you understand exactly what Janie is talking about when she references a tree as a metaphor for her life.

Homework: There might be homework. I’m not sure yet. Stay tuned.

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