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So I’m on an airplane right now, and the internet is really expensive. I need to keep this one short.

Monday: The counselors will be here for their annual career unit. If you miss it, make sure to check with you counselor about registration for the SAT exam.

Tuesday: First, we’ll be making our journals for the work of Zora Neale Hurston. The first entry will be a short vocabulary piece which you can take a look at here. Afterwards, I’ll be introducing the actual story and reading the beginning of it.

Homework: Read through the middle of page 6 (until the line “…all, everything, was right.”)

Wednesday: We’ll be finishing the story together in class, and I’ll read the end of it aloud. Afterwards, we’ll be discussing it in brief. I will also be stamping the vocabulalry assignment first thing.

Thursday: Remember last week when we started working on Hurston’s story Sweat? We’ll be expanding on that work with a short in class writing piece comparing the two stories. This is continuting towards our goal of identifying what different works may say about a particular theme or topic.

Friday: This will be my last day at LHS, but there is still work to be done. I will be handing out the next novel of the year, Their Eyes Were Watching God and reading part of the beginning of it aloud to you in order to introduce it and some of the characters. We’ll end with a short drawing assignment based around one of the more beautiful sentences in the novel to help you understand exactly what Janie is talking about when she references a tree as a metaphor for her life.

Homework: There might be homework. I’m not sure yet. Stay tuned.

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It’s late, so here’s the deal:

Monday: Monday is a peer editing day. But you already know that.

Tuesday: Play Previews!

Wednesday: I’ll have some computers in the room for y’all to turn in your essays. There WILL NOT be time to write, only to upload. Afterwards, I’ll be introducing our next author, Zora Neale Hurston by way of discussing the Harlem Renaissance.

Thursday: I’ll hand out Hurston’s short story Sweat, which I’ll be giving you time in class to read. If you want some additional analysis of the story, check out this link.

Friday: We’ll be discussing the story together in class. I’m not totally sure how, but it will be cool.


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Hey 11’s! This is a pretty diverse week, and we’ll be doing all sorts of things. Some are administrative in nature, some are educational. Either way, here’s the week:

Monday: Registration Day! We’ll be in the library doing registration. So there’s that. Make sure to show up with your registration materials.

Tuesday: Naturally, we’ll be moving our Huck Finn exam to Tuesday.

Wednesday+Thursday: On Wednesday we’ll be starting an activity that looks at a series of readings on Huck Finn and whether or not we feel like it is an appropriate reading for high school students. At the end of the day on Thursday you’ll be assigned a side (either for teaching it or against) which you’ll be arguing in class on Friday. You’ll need to find textual evidence to support your claims, which you will cite during the debate.

Friday: Debate day! Naturally, we’ll be debating the appropriateness of reading/teaching Huck Finn in high school. The focus of the debate will be, in part, on whether or not the racist language used in the novel is grounds for removing the novel from our curriculum, or whether the moral of the novel rescues it.

Side note: Next week will be Huck Finn essay week, but there are also some logistical challenges that I’m working out. More to follow.

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Hey juniors! We have quite a busy week. Not only will we be wrapping up Huck Finn this week, but we’ll also be transitioning to our first essay of the semester (next week) as well.

Monday: We’ll be discussing chapters 34 and 35. The smart kids should expect a quiz. I’ll also be collecting your journals (because I forgot to do it on Friday… which was dumb). We’ll be focusing on the interaction between Huck and Aunt Sally, as well as the plan that Huck and Tom have hatched to free Jim.

Homework: Read through chapters 36-37.

Tuesday: During class we will be taking a closer look at the way that Tom and Huck view Jim during his captivity. I have a short writing piece to start the day which we’ll then discuss. I’ll also be giving you a little bit of time to read.

Homework: Read chapters 38-39.

Wednesday: I have a set of comprehension questions for you regarding chapters 35-39 which we’ll do in class, then we’ll discuss afterwards. Again, I hope to give you a little time to read.

Homework: Read chapters 40-41.

Thursday: We’ll be having another scored debate, this time focusing on the statement that Huck makes about Jim being “white inside,” as well as Tom and his view of Jim.

Homework: Read chapter 42.

Friday: I’ll start the day off by reading the final chapter of the novel to you. Afterwards, we’ll have a final set of discussion questions on the novel. At the end of the day I’ll hand over the review for the final exam on the novel, which you’ll be taking Monday.

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Hola young ones! We have quite a lot to get through this week, so strap in! We’ll be looking closely at satire in Huck Finn as we work to draw inferences from the novel about Twain’s statements about our society. Additionally, we will continue to work on smoothly citing the text as evidence to support our claims. Take a look at the week below:

Monday: Over the weekend you read through chapters 23-25 which introduce the Duke and the King’s incident with the Wilkes family as well as their exploits as the Royal Nonesuch acting company. We’ll be analyzing what Twain is satirizing in these chapters, as well as continuing to practice citing textual evidence. You’ll turn in your work at the end of class, so make sure that you’re ready right when we start.

Homework: Read chapters 26-28.

Tuesday: I have a short set of study questions for chapters 26-28 which we will start class with. Then, if time allows, I hope to have some time carved out for you to read.

Homework: Read chapters 29-30

Wednesday: We’ll be talking about chapters 29-30 in brief. I’d like again to give you some time to read. As it turns out, chapter 31 is one of the most significant chapters in the novel and we’ll preview it.

Thursday: Despite Huck’s earlier claims that he wasn’t sure about hell, he makes a massive decision in chapter 31, and we need to talk about it. We’ll be having a bit of a debate in class, and I’ll be assigning sides. I’ll tell you more about it on Wednesday.

Friday: In keeping with our tradition, Friday will be a reading day. You’ll have the whole period to sit down and work through part of chapters 34-35

Hey! Here’s a cool link to an audiobook of the novel.

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Hey young ones! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Life fairly well got away from me. That said, we’re back at it this week, and we’ve got some work to do. Take a look below:

Wednesday: We will start the week with a short writing assignment on the relationship that Huck and Jim have with the river. These should go in your journals.
Homework: Read chapters 20-22 and do 2 double entry journals for each chapter.

Thursday: We’ll start the day with a short piece of group work on your double entry journals, then I have a short set of discussion questions on Colonel Sherburn.

Friday: In keeping with our tradition, Friday will be a reading day, except this one will involve a trip to the library to make sure that you have your outside reading book selected.
Homework: Read chapters 23-25 and complete 2 double entry journals for each.

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Hey juniors! Sorry for the later than usual post this week. What a weekend, though, right? Here’s the schedule:

Monday: We’ll be taking a look at Jim’s fortune telling at the end of chapter 4. The purpose here is for you to start getting used to reading dialect. It’s challenging, and takes some practice.

Tuesday: I’m going to be reading chapter 5 aloud for y’all, and modeling some of the reading strategies that I use to help me make sense of the text. Once we’re done with chapter 5, you’ll be reading chapter 6 for homework.

Homework: Finish reading chapter 6.

Wednesday: I have a short worksheet on chapters 1-6 that you’ll be putting in your journals. I will also give you your first installment of vocabulary from the novel.

Thursday: We’ll be reviewing your work from the previous day, and I’ll be collecting your journals to check your work over the weekend.

Homework: Read chapters 7-10.

That’s it! What a straight forward week. Go Hawks.

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Happy second semester, young ones! Lots to do this week, including some time in the computer lab for essay revision. Take a look below:

Monday: We’ll be starting this week together in the computer lab. I want to review a couple of very common errors that were made in your Into The Wild essays. I would like to give you the chance to examine your own work, my feedback, and figure out what you would like to revise. I’ll even count the revisions towards last semesters grade. All you have to do is provide me with a written explanation, approximately 1 paragraph, detailing what you learned and how that helped you make changes.

Tuesday: We will be starting our next novel of the year on Tuesday, and I couldn’t be more excited. We will be diving in to Mark Twain’s Huck Finn. This is the novel which Hemingway called the novel that all other American novels are built upon. I will be lecturing on the geography of the novel, the historical milieu in which it sits, and the form of the novel. You’ll be responsible for showing that you learn these things when you leave.

Wednesday: I’ll be reading chapter 1 aloud in class and stopping periodically to look at some specific words and phrases. I want very much to show you how I read this text and what I do when I run into tricky bits. I like to think of this as a modified KWL chart.

Homework: Read chapter 1. During your reading, I would like you to apply the During Reading strategy we discuss in class.

Thursday: During class on Thursday you’ll be working in small groups to respond to the work you finished while reading.

Friday: This will be a reading day. Bring a blanket, get comfy, and read through chapter 3.

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Howdy, young ones! In a rare post I’m combining our two classes this week into a singular post. Here’s what finals week looks like but first, here’s a visual:

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 4.28.18 PM

Tuesday: As you can see, juniors will have class 1st and 3rd. Both classes should use the day to review, based on the notes that we took last week. Similarly, sophomores should be reviewing for their final exam as well. Here’s the rubric, in case you still need it.

Please note, some students may elect/may be required to use this time to work on their final essays of the semester.

Wednesday: First and fifth period will be taking their finals on Wednesday. Please show up with a #2 pencil and whatever texts you’ll be using on the exams. Remember, the exams are open text, but not open note.

Thursday: Third period will have their exam on Thursday. Please see the notes above regarding what you’ll need.

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Howdy, juniors! Here’s the skinny on our second-to-last week of the semester. There are a couple of things happening this week, so be sure to make sure that you know when work is going to be due. It is difficult for me (nearly impossible, actually) to deal with late work at this point in the semester.

Monday: Like last Friday we will be in the library, working on the laptops. The intent for the day is to be a peer editing day, but I have a short presentation for you dealing with some examples of successful student writing that you can apply to your peer editing. Remember, you must be checked off for the rough draft and thesis before I will accept a final copy of your essay. If I have not entered your thesis into Skyward yet, please check in with me after the presentation.

Tuesday: Tuesday is play preview day. Of course, if there is additional time it will be dedicated to working on your essays.

Wednesday: We’ll be back in the library for one last day of writing before your essays come due on Friday.

Thursday: I will be distributing the final review sheet on Thursday. While I will not be collecting this, you will find that it should help you prepare for the final.

Friday + Monday: Both days will be dedicated to reviewing for the final. I will be available to answer questions, but it is primarily an opportunity for you to work with your peers to prepare for the final exam. Note: Your essays are due Friday at 11:59:59.

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