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Hey Everybody!

Included here is the recorded meeting from Thursday regarding our trip this May to Montpellier. It’s about 30 minutes long and should cover most of your questions. I’ve also included PDFs of our slide show and permission slips.

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Hey y’all! Sorry this is late!


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Happy Week 5, young ones. You can thank Mr Molitor for convincing me to show you a video this week. So, with that said, here’s what it looks like this week in good ol’ SE 243.
Monday-Wednesday: You’ll be watching the film version of Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, and I expect you to take notes on the way that female characters are treated, how they interact with each other and the male cast, and your general observations about how they fit into the Puritan society in which they live.

Thursday: We will be starting a group project that asks you to begin looking at some of the similarities and differences between the pieces that we have read thus far this year. This project will be presented to the class on Friday. I will post a link to the rubric as soon as I finish it.

Homework: . Finish your poster project.

Friday: First we will be presenting our poster projects. You will be responsible for generating questions based on others’ presentations, and this simply cannot be made up, so make sure that you’re in class. Finally, I’ll be presenting your essay on Puritan values. We will spend a good portion of Monday looking at how to be successful on this essay.

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Happy Week 5, s’mores. This is a bit of a tricky week, as I’ll be out of the classroom for the first couple of days. Still, in my absence you have some important work to get done that will start to set up our next novel, To Kill A Mockingbird.

Monday: On Monday I’ll need you partner up and begin doing research on the following question: What was Jim Crow legislation, and what forms did it take? You’ll be responsible for putting together some kind of a presentation that demonstrates to me that you have done enough work to be able to answer the aforementioned question. Consider addressing how Jim Crow legislation affected different groups of people, and what forms it took.

Tuesday: This will be a work day for you and your partners. Make an effort to figure out how you will demonstrate your understanding. Will it be a short write up? A PowerPoint? A puppet show? You have some freedom in this, and I encourage you to get creative. Also, remember that your essays are due on Tuesday night.

Homework: . Finish up your projects!

Wednesday: You’ll be presenting your work in class and evaluating each other based on a rubric that I will post later this week. Additionally, you’ll be turning in Lord of the Flies and Fahrenheit 451 and checking out To Kill A Mockingbird.

Homework: . Read the first chapter of TKAM.

Thursday: We will be discussing the first chapter of TKAM, looking at characterization as well as the way in which Harper Lee explores the issue of race in a post-Jim Crow society. Additionally, if you have not turned in your in-class and dialectical journals for 451 please make sure that you do so. I am missing a few.

Homework: . Read the second and third chapters of TKAM.

Friday: We have a short set of discussion questions and a vocabulary list for the first three chapters. You’ll be making journals and including the same type of work we did for 451. All of the work can be found under the TKAM page on my site.

Homework: Read chapters 4-6.

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Hey! It’s really late and I want to go to bed, so lets keep this short and sweet.

Monday: The smart kids will expect that I’ll be holding them accountable for the reading through chapter 13 of Things Fall Apart. Afterwards, I’ll be giving you a little bit of time to read through chapter 14 in class.

Homework: I have two response questions for chapter 14 (both can be found on this page). Please choose one and respond in your journals for class on Tuesday.

Tuesday: Class will begin with a review of your responses to chapter 14. Afterwards I’ll be handing back your close readings on Kipling and discussing what went well and what did not. (For those of you in DC, I’ll post a review of my general comments in the blog as an update so that you can keep up).

Homework: Read chapters 15-17.

Wednesday: I have a short series of discussion questions dealing with these three chapters which we’ll work through in class.

Thursday: We will be having a short seminar on the second section of the novel which is designed to explore the notion of the tragic hero. I’ll be lecturing briefly on this literary trope beforehand to make sure that you have a clue what we’re talking about.

Homework: Read 18-20

Friday: We will begin class with a short turn and talk activity, then I’ll be handing out copies of Black Man’s Burden which we’ll be discussing in class. This poem will be included in the source materials for the synthesis essay, so make sure that it is clear to you.

Homework: There will be reading. I just don’t know how much.

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So… They may have also finished 3rd, maybe 7th, at an event that may or may not have been part of a state tournament. Yet again, those quotes don’t mean what y’all think they mean.

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Yo! Here’s the information you need.

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Monday: We’ll be starting to talk about Things Fall Apart by reflecting on the first section of the text through a short writing piece detailing the novel’s tone thus far. (The smart kids are saying something like “tone in regard to what, pray tell?). I’ll post it ASAP.

Tuesday: We’ll continue our analysis of the first section of the text with a super, super fun activity that will take two days. I can’t really talk about it, otherwise it’ll ruin the fun. If you miss class, shoot me an email or talk to me in person (or just check the website on Tuesday) for information about our little activity.

Wednesday: And we’ll continue our activity on Wednesday with a written reflection (which I will post on Tuesday as well).

Homework: Read chapters 14+15 and complete 3 dialectical journal entries for each chapter.

Thursday: I have a short writing activity that will be comparing Ibo and Christian societies and exploring a particularly important quote from Uchendu in order to, in Atticus Finch’s words, see things differently.

Homework: Read Kipling’s poem White Man’s Burden and another piece with it.

Friday: We’ll write about the aforementioned stuff.

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Hola, s’mores! This is a bit of a strange week, primarily because we have just wrapped up a novel, but don’t particularly have time to begin a new one. I, of course, find this mildly annoying, but have found a few ways to make up for it. I’ll explain more in class, but do me a favor a play along.

Monday: I’ll be handing out your essays on Monday. But not in the way that you expect; we’ll be reading each others’ final essays (without any names attached) and doing some peer grading. I’m planning on handing you the rubric that I will grade you based on, then have you look at the work that you’ve been given. The idea here is to help you act more as an editor than you already have. It will be fun (or horrible, I’m not really quite sure). The entire function of the day is to have the editor ask this question: what is the purpose?

Tuesday: I’ll have some computers in the room and will be handing your back your own graded essays so that you can take the opportunity to revise your work and resubmit based upon your peers’ essays.

Wednesday: I’ll be handing out our next novel, but we won’t begin reading it until Friday. Instead, we’ll be watching the beginning of the film The Gods Must Be Crazy. There’s a reason. I promise.

Thursday: We have a lovely Free Write activity based upon the portion of the film that we watched on Wednesday which we will spend the rest of the time discussing.

Friday: Friday is a day to begin reading Things Fall Apart. I need you to read through chapter… um… darn it. I don’t have the book here with me now, but the reading has to go through the end of part 1 by the return from Spring Break. I’ll fill in those blanks in a moment.

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Hey s’mores… here’s the study guide I promised I’d upload. Sorry it’s a touch late. Also, it’s really, really similar to the exam. Give it a look.

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