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This is super last minute, so I’ll keep it short.

Monday: You should have crafted an entry into your journals about the hero and the tragic hero, arguing for Okonkwo as one or the other. If you were absent, please see me and I’ll catch you up.

Tuesday: We’re going to have a short assignment dealing with our conversation yesterday. We’ll be debating whether or not Okonkwo is in fact a tragic hero or a archetypical hero (or, possibly, neither).

Homework: Read through chapter 20.

Wednesday: I have a short turn and talk about the “ok-ness” of what the British are doing, and we’ll be supplementing the conversation with some really interesting information that Zack sent my way.

Homework: Read through chapter 22.

Thursday: There are some short reading questions about chapters 21-22. We’ll do them.

Homework: Read through chapter 25.

Friday: We have a short in class writing piece. I’m going to modify it, so I’m not sure exactly what we’ll be doing. Stay tuned.

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Hey s’mores! I’ll keep this short, because it’s late. Here’s the week:

Monday: We’ll take a short pause from our reading to take a closer look at what we’ve been learning about pre-imperialist culture amongst the Igbo people. I have a writing assignment that should be included in your journals which we’ll be spending two days on.

Homework: Read through chapter 14 for class on Thursday.

Tuesday: We’ll continue our work on our five paragraphs on Igbo culture in class.

Wednesday: This will be the coolest day of the year. Trust me. I can say no more.

Thursday: I have two journals entries for class on Thursday. We’ll be talking about both during class. They can be found here.

Homework: Read chapters 15-17.

Friday: I have a short-ish set of discussion questions for class on Friday.

Homework: Finish section two of the novel.

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Good morning young ones! Sorry for the early morning post today– the weekend simply got away from me. Anywho, it’s neither here nor there (actually, where did that particular turn of phrase come from? Clearly, it is either here or there. Otherwise it is absolutely nowhere). Whatever. Here’s your week:

Monday: We’ll be starting our Tale of Two Cities essays today. There is not a particular prompt here. Rather, I just need you to choose a topic, identify what Dickens may be saying about it, and discuss how his use of literary devices helps to support this particular theme. Here are a few starter ideas if you need help. Annoyingly, the library is being used for registration all week, and we won’t have the opportunity to start typing in the library until Thursday, but I’ll try to have the COWS available for Wednesday.

Tuesday: Registration day. Head straight to the library.

Wednesday: This will be a chance for you to start writing in class. Ms. Inman, my sub, will be checking your theses before letting you on to computers to work on your drafts.

Thursday: Typing Day! This will be a chance for you to work on your Tale of Two Cities essays in class before peer editing day on Friday.

Friday: If you’re unsure about what you’re supposed to be doing on Friday, you clearly have not actually read the rest of the plan for the week. This will be a peer editing day, and you’ll be working in groups of three. Remember, you must have your work edited by somebody other than me before it is turned in. I have exactly zero desire to read a bunch of essays that are not in top shape.

Notes: Essays will be due on Tuesday, March 18. Also, I’ve decided to make a change in the plan and our next novel will be Things Fall Apart. We’ll begin it on Monday, March 17.

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Hey s’mores! Loads to do this week, so let’s jump right to it:

Monday: We’ll be jumping right in this week with a short set of discussion questions on chapters 7-10.

Homework: Read chapters 11-13.

Tuesday: We’ll be taking a look at chapters 11-13 and the themes that they are addressing, as well as how they connect to the novel on the whole (another one of those microcosm things).

Homework: Read chapter 14-15.

Wednesday: Naturally, we’ll be discussing the end of the novel in class on Wednesday, and we’ll be having another scored discussion about… um… well I can’t say because it would give away the end of the novel. There is also a short set of discussion questions on the end of the novel.

Thursday: Thursday will be a study day. I’ll walk you through everything that you’ll need to know to be successful on the final exam for the novel.

Friday: Our Friday will be spent taking your final exam on the novel.

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Hey s’mores! Sorry for the later-than-normal post this week. Moving is a terrible, terrible time suck… That said, here’s the short version of the week:

Monday: We’ll be doing something kind of fun with our Tableau Vivant and chapters 18-21. The hope here is that you can engage a little bit in the Victorian era and choose scenes that you believe are of great import.
Homework: Read chapters 22-24.

Tuesday: I have a short set of study questions for chapters 22-24, as well as our next installment of vocab for the novel.
Homework: Read Book 3, Chapters 1-4.

Wednesday: I have a jigsaw activity for y’all on Wednesday which can’t be easily made up, so make sure that you’re in class. If you know that you’ll be gone, let me know and we can make accommodations.
Homework: Read chapters 5 and 6.

Thursday: We’ll be building on our jigsaw assignment by adding information from chapters 5 and 6 in class.

Friday: In keeping with our tradition, we’ll be using Friday as a reading day. We also have to attend the electives fair.
Homework: Read chapters 7-10.

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Hey young ones! Loads to do this week. Check it out below:

Wednesday: I have a set of discussion questions for chapters 10-13 that you’ll put in your journals. I also have a short activity on the doppelgänger as a literary element, particularly in Gothic literature.
Homework: Read chapters 14-17.

Thursday: I have another set of discussion questions on chapters 14-17, and we also have to discuss the Defarges in some detail.

Friday: We’ll have another reading day, but it’ll start at the library so that I can make sure you have outside reading books.
Homework: Read chapters 18-21.

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Happy beginning of semester two, young ones! Take a quick look at your week, as there are quite a number of things that we’re going to be working on this week.

Monday + Tuesday: We’ll be in the library for the first two days of the semester taking a closer look at your Siddhartha essays. While many of them were quite good, there are a number of general comments that I have which I would like to make before having you make revisions and resubmit, if you would like. Resubmissions will affect the first semester grade (only for the better), so if this sounds like a good deal to y’all, it only has a tiny price: you need to include a written reflection detailing, specifically, how feedback helped you revise and what you learned from the revision process.

Wednesday: We’ll be starting our next novel of the year on Wednesday, and it is one that I am quite excited for. We’ll be reading Charles Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities and looking closely at some of the cultural values of Victorian England. And we’ll be talking about zombies. And Gothic literature. No joke. If you miss Wednesday, check back with me to get the lecture notes.

Thursday: I will be doing two things for y’all on Thursday: first, I’ll read the first chapter aloud and explain serial publication. Second, I’ll be having you craft the first vocabulary installment of the novel with your neighbors, and then ultimately as a class. Third (I know, I know), we’ll be discussing the literary device of anaphora.

Friday: Friday will be a reading day. I need you to have read through chapter 4 for Monday.

Homework: Read through chapter 4 for Monday.

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Howdy, young ones! In a rare post I’m combining our two classes this week into a singular post. Here’s what finals week looks like but first, here’s a visual:

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 4.28.18 PM

Tuesday: As you can see, juniors will have class 1st and 3rd. Both classes should use the day to review, based on the notes that we took last week. Similarly, sophomores should be reviewing for their final exam as well. Here’s the rubric, in case you still need it.

Please note, some students may elect/may be required to use this time to work on their final essays of the semester.

Wednesday: First and fifth period will be taking their finals on Wednesday. Please show up with a #2 pencil and whatever texts you’ll be using on the exams. Remember, the exams are open text, but not open note.

Thursday: Third period will have their exam on Thursday. Please see the notes above regarding what you’ll need.

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Hey s’mores! Here’s the review guide for the final exam. Enjoy!

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Hey s’mores! It’s the last week before we start finals week, and there’s still quite a lot to get done. Here’s the schedule:

Monday: I’ll be introducing your final essay of the semester. It is a much more open prompt than previous essays, largely because I want to allow you the opportunity to discuss the novel in whatever ways you see fit. I will be offering a few lines of inquiry that you can explore during class on Monday. We’ll spend most of the week working on this essay in class, so if you use your time wisely you may be able to complete the work during class.

Homework: Craft a thesis for class on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Tuesday will be play preview day! Naturally, whatever extra time we have will be dedicated to helping you with your thesis.

Wednesday: We’ll have an activity in class on Wednesday during which you will be defending your thesis in class to your peers. You’ll be asked to read your thesis to a small group and then receive feedback based on a number of questions that I have to guide your groups.

Thursday + Friday: Both of these will be writing days. I have reserved the desktop computers in the library for your use, but feel free to bring your own machines to class. I will also be distributing your final review sheet during class on Friday. Next Tuesday will be a day dedicated to working through the review. While I will not be collecting the review sheets, you may find them useful. Remember that your final is on Wednesday the 22nd. Your essays will be due the same day and I will be collecting your Siddhartha journals at the same time.

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