English 11

Some of America's earliest literature wasn't even literature. EnterĀ here.

The Reflective Essay

The beginning of the year, and a perfect time for reflection. We'll be working on creating an essay that seeks to explore who we are as people through a series of metaphors about ourselves. Zora Neale Hurston did something similar. Now you can, too.

Huck Finn.

A crazy trip down the Mississippi and an exploration of America. Sail with Huck and Jim as they learn about race, class, and culture in America. We'll also look at some of Twain's other short stories as we gear up for the jargon of the novel.

In-Class Writing Prompts.

Here's the deal. There is a bit of a test at the end of sophomore year that requires you to do some pretty serious on demand writing. We'll be getting ready for it by doing plenty of our own. If you miss any of the in class writing assignments just log on, do the writing, and turn it in.