11th Grade Handouts


Here are the handouts for the 2010-2011 school year.

Here is the Course Overview.

Here is the list of 101 books to read before college and here is the form for adults to fill out.

And here are the guidelines for your outside reading projects.

Here’s how to set up a Turnitin.com account.

Week 27

Here’s a worksheet on chapters 2+3 of Their Eyes…

And here’s the work we did with chapters 4-6

Week 26

You can find both of the short stories for the week here.

Here’s the small group seminar sheet that we’re using for our conversation about Hurston’s work.

Week 24

Here’s the comprehension questions for Huck Finn, chapters 35-39.

Week 23

Here’s the work for chapters 31-34

Week 22

Here’s the work for chapters 17+18

Week 21

Here’s the work we did on chapters 11-13 of Huck Finn.

Week 18

Here’s the prompt for our Into The Wild essay.

Week 17

In case you missed it, here’s the prompt for the Thought Paper that we’ll use for our discussion of Krakauer’s claims about Chris’ life.

Here’s the work on Into The Wild chapters 10 and 11.

In case you missed the work for Tuesday on chapters 8+9, here it is!

Here’s the work for Into The Wild, chapters 5+6.

Week 15

Here are the questions for Civil Disobedience.

Week 14

Here are the notes for the lecture on Transcendentalism.

Here’s a link to Whitman’s poem Song of Myself. Again, we’re dealing with sections 1, 6, and 52 (not the whole thing).

Week 12

Here’s a link to the excerpts from Franklin’s journals that we’ll be reading.

Week 11

Here’s the exam review for The Scarlet Letter.

This is the essay prompt for The Scarlet Letter. Here’s the rubric for the essay as well.

Week 10

Here is the creative writing assignment for chapter 21, The Minister in the Maze.

This is the Entry Slip for our seminar about the entire text.

Week 8

Here’s the FreeWrite that we did about Roger Chillingworth from Chapter 14.

And here’s the assignment we did in class dealing with the character of Pearl from Chapter 15.

Week 6

Here is the chart that explores Hawthorne’s use of opposites in the early portions of the novel.

And here is the chart the we’ll use to examine the language he uses to describe Hester Prynne.

Week 4

Here’s the article and subsequent questions on John Smith.

Here’s the link to the narrative by Eastman.

And here is a link to the reading by Rowlandson.

Week 3

Here’s the small group work for the Early Voices readings

Week 2

Here is the essay by Zora Neale Hurston that we are basing our work off of, entitled How it feels to be colored me. It is very direct, and quite easy to follow. Pay special attention to the quality of her topic sentences.