Huck Finn

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As Huckleberry Finn and Jim, a runaway slave, drift on a raft down the Mississippi River they provide us with a lens to view America through. Their adventures on riverboats, running from the law, negotiating with feuding families, and on plantations are timeless pieces of American literature, and we’ll be digging deeply, drinking in Twain’s vision of America.


Here’s the Character Chart that we made for chapters 1+2.

This is the reflection on our Character Chart that we did for chapters 4-6.

Here are the discussion questions that we used for chapters 7-10.

Here’s the questions that we used for our group jigsaw on chapters 11-13.

You’ll find the work for chapters 14-16 here.

Here are the “directions” for our illustration of a quote from the novel. In short, you need to pick an important scene, a passage that goes along with it, and provide an explanation that details why the quote is significant.

Chapters 17-19 had questions too. They are here.

Here’s the stuff we used for chapters 18-20, which, of course, overlaps with the previous assignment.

Here is the short writing assignment about the relationship between Huck on land and Huck on the river.

Here is the short writing assignment dealing with Colonel Sherburn.
And here is the set of discussion questions for chapters 26-28 dealing with Huck’s growing moral crisis.

After we skip the section with the Duke and the Dauphin, here’s the comprehension and analysis questions for chapters 31-34.

Here is the last set of comprehension questions we’ll use, taken from chapters 35-39.

This is the first vocabulary list we did.

This is the second.

This is the last.

Here’s the Debate Preparation Sheet we used. And here is a link to the articles we read.

Finally, here’s the Debate Essay.

Okay, for real finally, this is the Final Essay.

Extra Stuff

If you’re confused about the plot, this will help. Somebody had waaaay too much time on their hands, but I think it’s to your benefit.

Here is a class with too much time on their hands.