Hey s’mores! Sorry for the later-than-normal post this week. Moving is a terrible, terrible time suck… That said, here’s the short version of the week:

Monday: We’ll be doing something kind of fun with our Tableau Vivant and chapters 18-21. The hope here is that you can engage a little bit in the Victorian era and choose scenes that you believe are of great import.
Homework: Read chapters 22-24.

Tuesday: I have a short set of study questions for chapters 22-24, as well as our next installment of vocab for the novel.
Homework: Read Book 3, Chapters 1-4.

Wednesday: I have a jigsaw activity for y’all on Wednesday which can’t be easily made up, so make sure that you’re in class. If you know that you’ll be gone, let me know and we can make accommodations.
Homework: Read chapters 5 and 6.

Thursday: We’ll be building on our jigsaw assignment by adding information from chapters 5 and 6 in class.

Friday: In keeping with our tradition, we’ll be using Friday as a reading day. We also have to attend the electives fair.
Homework: Read chapters 7-10.

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