Hey juniors! Sorry about not posting last week. It was a tough one for me (silly 10th grade dances…). Anywho, this week is all planned out and ready to go, so take a quick look, make some notes in your planners, and get ready for a wonderful little foray into the world of my favorite author ever, Flannery O’Connor.

Monday: I managed to secure the laptops for class for two more days, and we’ll be using them Monday to revise/wrap up our essays on Their Eyes Were Watching God. If you need to work on yours, make sure to bring it in via flash drive or email so that you can make use of the time. I’ll be there to help, too, if you’re stuck.

Tuedsay: The first few minutes of the day will be dedicated to turning in your essay on the Turnitins. Afterwards, we’ll be starting in on the work of Flannery O’Connor. She’s a easily my all-time favorite writer in any genre (yeah, big claim, I know), and I have a short presentation on her work to start us off. It is important that you know a bit about her before we start dealing with her writing, as she is such an enigmatic individual that a little understanding of who she is will go a long way. If you’re gone, check the blog for the presentation after class. Afterwards, I’ll start playing O’Connor reading the story A Good Man Is Hard To Find aloud so that you get a feel for her writing and her voice. You’ll need to keep a journal for each of the short stories we read in which you must respond to 10 passages and write one 1 page response. I’ll talk more about those in class and post instructions on Tuesday. Of course we’ll also be making mini-journals for our mini-unit.

Wednesday: You’ll have the whole period to read/make journal notes/respond to O’Connor’s story. I’ll be collecting the journals next Monday.

Thursday: I’ll hand out O’Connor’s story Parker’s Back and you’ll have much of the period to read/journal/respond to the piece. I have a short introduction to the story as well which I will post after class in which I’ll detail some of the major points that you should be looking for in the story.

Friday: Our final O’Connor story for the week will be Everything That Rises Must Converge. I have a few remarks to make about this story as well, highlighting things that you really should be noticing and making notes about him your journals.

Homework: Craft a 1 page response to O’Connor’s stories in which you explore one character or story that struck you. This is an entirely individual thing, and there is no wrong way to do it, unless you don’t. I’ll collect this, along with the rest of your mini-journal, on Monday when we start our mini-unit on the author Raymond Carver.

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3 Responses to “Grade 11, Week 30”

saman waehl May 8, 2012

What were the prompts for all the reflections for the O Connor journal?

saman waehl May 10, 2012

What do you mean by “explore” for the homework entry.

admin May 10, 2012

We actually changed the idea a little bit. Instead, we wrote a 1 page response to the question of whether or not O’Connor was too harsh on her characters. The essay addressed the questions of whether or not her characters got what they deserved or if they got things (either good or bad) that they didn’t deserve.