Good morning, young ones! Here’s to hoping you had as lovely a weekend as I did. This week we have two significant events: first, we will be reading several more stories from Edgar Allen Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Second, your Outside Reading project is due. Read on for more information.

Monday: We will start the week by reviewing what we have learned thus far about Romanticism. Afterwards I will be handing out our second to last story by Poe, The Tell-Tale Heart. I will be giving you time in class to read it, which the smart kids will probably take as a signal that I will be quizzing them on it later in the week.

Homework: Complete a paragraph-by-paragraph summary of the reading. I’ll be stamping your work first thing on Tuesday.

Tuesday: We start class with a short comprehension quiz on Monday’s reading, which we will then debrief. Again, the focus for our class will be primarily on mood and tone, looking at how Poe crafts his particularly dark and morbid stories. If you need a refresher on either mood or tone, check out this site. Finally, we will be watching a short video of the story and comparing its mood and tone to the original story.

Wednesday: Wednesday will be fun. I will be reading parts of Poe’s classic story The Black Cat in class, which I will be asking you to finish on your own.

Homework: Complete a paragraph-by-paragraph summary of the reading. Make sure to circle words that you don’t know yet, and make notes about the mood and tone of the piece. I’ll be stamping your work first thing on Thursday.

Thursday: I’m going to try and experiment on Thursday. I’ve usually taught The Black Cat on Halloween, but this year I think I’ll try a creepier piece. I’ll be handing out Hawthorne’s short piece Ethan Brand, and lecturing briefly on some of its major symbols and motifs before having students read, which I will try to allow during class. Additionally, I will be collecting your Outside Reading assignments for the first quarter.

Homework: Complete your reading of the story. We will be discussing at length on Friday.

Friday: After we discuss the text (I haven’t the foggiest what that will look like yet), I will be handing out our final story for the Romantics, Melville’s Bartleby.

There will be reading over the weekend. I just don’t know exactly what yet. Stay tuned.

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