Gazette Stuff

Here’s the template. Well, almost a template.

Here’s the Interchange version.

WJEA Stuff

Graphic Design 101. This is the presentation from both the Graphic Design Major and the Minor. You’ll learn all about basic design principals and how to guide the eye through a page effectively.

Infographics. This presentation will guide you through some quick ideas for infographics that don’t suck.

Grid Systems. In this little ditty you’ll learn all about different ways to organize information on a page.

Copyright 101. This short presentation will show you how to avoid those pesky lawyers.

Captions. How to write captions that don’t make people mad and might help them read your paper.

Major Materials

Here’s the InDesign template for both our pages.

This is a bull.

Relevant Icons

The following items are all for the Teen Pregnancy page.

Main (Doll) Picture

The pregnancy story

These are for the fashion page.

The following are all pictures of shoes.

Shoe #1

Shoe #2

Shoe #3

Toms Shoe 1

Here’s a picture of pants.

Here’s the story.

Desktop Publishing Materials

This is a .zip file of all of our materials. Enjoy!